Grundig MP 650 sports MP3 player, 512mb and FM radio for £19.99

Grundig MP 650 sports MP3 player, 512mb and FM radio for £19.99

Found 19th Jan 2007
Cracking little player, solidly made, got all the extras like a double headphone, colour screen etc, plastic protective skin, lithium battery. Found it on for ~£65

Beats the socks of more expensive in terms of features.

[*]Endless music for sports and leisure with this sporty little digital music player for ]MP3 and WMA with integrated 512]MB Flash memory.
[*]Complete with direct encoding function the GUPA550 lets you record, without a PC, in ]MP3 or WMA format directly from the built in microphone, FM radio or from external devices such as CD players simply by connecting via the line input.
[*]And for all you sporty types we’ve ]added a sports arm strap so you can listen comfortably to your music whilst you exercise.
[*]512 ]MB Flash memory
[*]FM Radio
[*]Preset 30 Channels
[*]File Type
[*]]MP3 ,WMA,OGG
[*]10 Hours Playback
[*]30 Level Volume[/LIST][LIST]
[*]Text View
[*]64,000 Colour ]LCD
[*]USB Cable
[*]Two Headphone Sockets
[*]SRS WOW Surround Sound
[*]Neck Chain
[*]Li-Polymer Rechargeable Battery
[*]USB 2.0/1.1
[*]Direct Encoding[/LIST]

Welcome to HotUKDeals genapta and Thanks for your first post Nice looking Mp3 player!

Definitely a good price, but only £3 more would buy you twice the storage with the Qoolqee X3 from ]blahDVD OK, no screen but superb sound quality and almost unbreakable.


Thanks for your first post genapta ! I like the look of these mp3player too :thumbsup:

The Qoolqee X3 is an excellent deal , but i prefer the look of this one

Anybody still intersted in one of these?

Just seen that you can buy this direct from Grundig for only £19.99 with free delivery. :w00t:…-GB

Sounds like a great deal to me :thumbsup:

I got one a while ago. It is absolutely great by the way. Some of its strong points for me:

Has 2 headphone sockets, 1 of which doubles up as a line in. You can plug in any audio source to it and record directly to mp3. You can record directly to mp3 from its radio. The internal battery lasts ages. It has a sleep timer. Using the voice recorder is extremely easy, 1 button, no need to go through big menu.

For me it is a great back up voice recorder (I conduct a lot of interviews in my work). Playback is eased by 3 slow speed options, and the inclusion of an A>B option (in playback you can press the button once for A and then again for B and it will keep replaying that segment until you press it again (sorry, difficult to explain).

Ordered direct from Grundig and it came the next day. Comes with a see through case, headphones, armband thingy, strap and lead to connect to another audio source via line in.

Honestly can't recommend enough.

Cheers Flake99 :thumbsup:

I've just ordered one. You can't go wrong for £19.99 delivered with that specification. :-D
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