Grundig Multimedia player for £119.99 - now £99

Grundig Multimedia player for £119.99 - now £99

Found 2nd Dec 2006
Hi all, first attempt at posting so I hope it works. This is a cracking deal at £129.99, with free speakers worth £20.00 and free delivery. It does so much and retails on some websites at nearly £ 300.00

Price update: £119 now & without Free speakers

Have ended up buying two, records the tv, dvds, music, radio and shows pictures, and a 30 gig hard drive.. outstanding bit of kit fort the price ! Can't find any reviews on the product. Can you give some info on battery life. How long just audio / video. Also, is someone knows of a review for this product, please share. Thanx
- erwee

about six hours !
- redmapj

NOW £99.99

How low will these go?
- elitom
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Looks like a cracking deal redmapj


[image missing]

Welcome to HotUKDeals!

Well I've taken the plunge based on your review - and it seems very well priced - so that's 18 year old son taken care of just 2 sons more to find gifts for! Thanks for the info redmapj
how long is the battery life and is that docking station ?
Nice deal redmapj and welcome to hukd's from me too :-D
hi all and thanks for the welcomes.. the docking station is the charger base, and it comes with a good quality case, made to fit, and USB to link to your pc to simply drag and drop, another uselful bit of software it comes with too is an AVI covertor, which converts mpegs and other files so they can play on the media player.

The lithium polymer battery seems to last for 4 or 5 hours, depending on use, lcd brightness etc, so its great on the move.

I have recorded quite a few films onto it so far, and it will plug into your t.v with the supplied cables and give a crystal clear picture, I cannot give it enough praise, I got one for my son, and now I have got one too.

It also receives fm stereo radio, which once again you can record.. and whilst only for personal use, it can record any image you put through your dvd player or t.v, simply use it to record the soaps, or any dvd title off the shelf or stack up 1000's of mp3's, with a small built in speaker, or the pretty good freebie speakers ( worth 20 pounds alone ) which have quite a bit of bass.

The price is incredible, over £ 150.00 less than quite a few websites.....!!
Welcome to HotUKDeals redmapj and Thanks for all the info Looks a very good deal to me too and great price!

If the above link works, it squarely endorses the bargain this is.. note there are no speakers and there is a delivery charge too !

Looked at link (hope this works)…ve/

and it states in also plays Divx and Xvid video which is great
Hi Markelle, spot on.. click the full review link and you will see it was £350.00
Unbelievable, I wonder if they have got it wrong, I suspect they will run out soon..?…200
once again.. note that price £ 350.00...! a true bargain or great mistake ?:santa:
[SIZE=2]It is a great shame there is no way of using it to back up photos from a digital camera...[/SIZE]
hi ought, yes there is no card reader, but it has usb, so there are quite a few products around, card readers etc that should do the trick for not a lot, especially when this item is over £ 200.00 discounted ...!:friends:
can u connect camera to th emedia player by usb then copy photos/movies to hard drive?

hi ought, yes there is no card reader, but it has usb, so there are quite … hi ought, yes there is no card reader, but it has usb, so there are quite a few products around, card readers etc that should do the trick for not a lot, especially when this item is over £ 200.00 discounted ...!:friends:

Ah yes, but I meant to back-up photos when away on holiday. That would not be posible with it? It is still a great deal I agree, but I really need the photo back up.

i get to the credit card screen and it says my details are not valid.
i want it
hi ought, you are correct there is no way to transfer the files from camera to the media player without a p.c.

I think the players in the £500.00 plus bracket may do this, but I have just clocked the sd card deal for under a tenner and bought a 1 gig card which will hold a massive amount of photos and may be a solution to consider.

hi ought, you are correct there is no way to transfer the files from … hi ought, you are correct there is no way to transfer the files from camera to the media player without a p.c....

Sorry to jump into this thread. Will this device help ?…spx
looks like it would do the trick, great find grumps ! :santa:…037

Hope this helps - item above in stock and cheaper delivery.
has anyone got any idea what sort of quality the video recording is, and what inputs it can record from (coax, scart, etc)? thanks in advance.
Hi Nyron, it has a line in and out socket, which allow it to feed clear images to the tv, and the line in allows it to record from any source using the cables.

It uses the cable as shown, and there are adaptors that allow it to connect to a scart.

The video quality is excellent, and the playback through the TV is excellent too...!

[image missing]

you will need one of these, a few quid or so to connect to scart if your source, dvd / tv etc does not have the connections for the above cable

[image missing]

oh and it can record off the sky box too..!

Best review I could find, although I don't know how accurate it is as other bits of info seemed to differ (e.g. some said this can't record video - which seems wrong unless they had one without a cradle - I hope)

Anyway I've decided to get one even if one review said it didn't do a great job recording video from the built-in camera.

Thanks to OP - I'll be broke this Xmas
hi pjihot, the cradle only charges the unit, I have also bought a car charger from e-bay for a fiver, for films on the move to keep the kids happy.

The cable as shown above connects to the unit and source, as long as it has a line out, scart etc it will record..! cant sing the praises of this great unit loud enough :thumbsup:
many thanks for the advice. is there any great difference between the recording quality and dvd quality?
just watching a dvd which I have backed up now, it really is great quality.
What's the video recording facility really like?
I am interested in taking this around with me whilst on holiday in New Zealand and if the recording side of things is pretty good I would be tempted.
hi beastman, I gotta say I am really impressed with this product.

I have recorded several films onto the hard drive so far, with about 500 mp3's and hundreds of photos.

It can take pictures and take movies too, the screen playback is crystal clear and has an excellent resolution, the biggest downside I can only think of is the in built speakers are very small and quiet, but it comes with headphones, and dont forget the free speakers, which are superb, they can be battery powered or use the supplied mains adapter..!

It is so easy to record from a dvd player / t.v / audio source, and it connects to your pc via usb to simply drag and drop files.

As said before in addition it comes with a file convertor, turning any media files into an avi file, a full movie comes in at 500 - 700 mb, so with 30 gigs to play with the potential is awesome.

here are a few more specs..

Personal Media Player
Integrated 30Gb hard drive
Supports MP3, WMA, JPEG, MPEG 4 and many more common file formats
Record direct from TV, Video, DVD, CD to MP3 format(audio)JPEG (photo) or ASF files (video) all without a PC
3.5” TFT LC Display with 64,000 colours
Panning 1.3MP Digital Camera
High resolution 4 x Digital Zoom
Built in Microphone
USB 2.0 high speed
Line in/Line out for TV, Video and Audio
Integrated Lithium-polymer battery
Charging unit and 6V Mains adapter supplied
as far as the picture quality goes, its 1.3 mp, which to be honest in todays world many mobile phones beat this, the video quality is not bad either, but a steady hand is required as it can blur.. and of course no flash, I would say its good as a back up, but would not use it as primary image capture device:santa:
can you also whats the video recording like indoors?
also what about playback of 16:9 material - does it leave things stretched to fit the screen or letterboxed? (streching does my head in)
it has an option to play 16:9 and 4:3 you can choose and also turn them off to leave the playback unaltered.

video recording is pretty good, but I would not choose it as primary device, as the zoom / camera are limited compared to a dedicated device.
just took some video and impressed with the quality, very clear and easily transferred to pc and burned to disc !
Thanks redmapj. I've listened to your advice and decided to buy 2. One will be a replacement for my 20gb Sony MP3 and one will be for my dad, he likes his gadgets too.
:thumbsup: I am sure you will enjoy Ricky, the disc it comes with has the guide on it, in adobe acrobat, at first it seems a bit daunting, but it is really easy and such a steal at this price, I still cannot comprehend how cheap it is ..?:santa:

as far as the £350 price tag, that's out of date now anyway.

the T3 review commends the video playback, but that's all really.

with Boots triple points +extra vouchers +quidco you can get the Archos 500 for around £190, would probably be my choice.
hey mcek, thats a good reduction from a current boots selling price of £279.99 to £190.00..?

could your options above save £ 90.00 ? if so that is a cracking deal too..!
Just a couple of questions re video files, can you drag video files you have on your pc onto the player or do they have to be converted to be played???

average price - just search froogle is still a whoppig £ 279.99 !

At £130.00 still sits as the best available for the price, with the speakers and free delivery...!
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