GT Mobile by Lycamobile £15 bundle

GT Mobile by Lycamobile £15 bundle

Found 7th Nov 2014
The best deal so far I found for unlimited calls, text and data (4G) 5GB then it goes to 3G

£15 bundle only until end of December then it may stay at £15 or go back to £20.

This beats all networks.
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three - call them up, they'll offer you unlimited minutes, texts and 4G data for £15/month, rolling contract. Much rather go with the largest data network and unlimited 4G as opposed to a pretty poor mvno.
If giffgaff have done something like this would have been great, many proposals were given to them to give a limit of 4g 5gb data and then automatically switch over to 3g but nah.
Chameleon that's not true when I called three many times thinking a different advisor will give me a discount on three unlimited calls, texts and data (4G) that is £25 this didn't happen when did you get it for £15 unlimited.

Anyways lycamobile who run GT mobile are a big mobile company who have good customer service.
Lycamobile who run GT mobile use EE so there 4G should be good. Lycamobile is more for international calls but can get national call minutes, texts and data for UK and GT mobile more focused for national calls, texts and data.

Lycamobile gone big now they have there own radio station lycamedia
Lycamobile is crap. And we know you work for them.
squadonline I don't work for Lycamobile at all how can they be crap they are the second world largest mvno.

Lyca use O2 network for 4G which is slow because it's full of mvno's such as Giff Naff and Tesco. You also have to transfer your existing number otherwise companies like EE treat the number Lyca give you as International (Channel Isles) and nobody will call you.
Haha 4g eh? Just Google lycamobile 4g speed test. I don't call 256kbit-1.5mbit 4g....
Lyca is crap. Period.
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