GT Sport with Racing Wheel and PSN Plus 3 months £264.99 - Currys Separate selling price £414.96

GT Sport with Racing Wheel and PSN Plus 3 months £264.99 - Currys Separate selling price £414.96

Found 19th Oct 2017Edited by:"Dasnitro"
Wheel PSN Plus 3 months,GT Sport plus the gear shifter all for £264.99
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Any RRPs for this? I have no idea if this is a good deal or not.
Wheel and shifter has sold for £130 in the past, so it's not a great deal.
If only we could go back in time,got the G29 back in March 2016 when offer for £99 from currys,was open box though,thought I would try the wheel again and the upshift paddle started intermittently working,replaced last month without quibble and looks to be have modified pin switches on the paddles.

Currys separate selling price
Currently £248 on Amazon without the game/PSN but like people have said, it's often a lot cheaper (I paid £179 for it two years ago). Yes, there is no time machine but given the fact it's regularly price cut to below £200, chances are it will be again soon.

Biggest problem is the lack of support for the thing though. NfS games don't support it, Flatout doesn't, The Crew doesn't. In fact there are barely a dozen games that do and 2 of those are Farming Sim, 2 are Project Cars, 2 are dirt rally and 3 the official F1 game.
Not a deal at all.

Time machines aside, this wheel is probably only set to the price it is now so that currys can claim it’s on ‘sale’ when it spends a good part of the year at £179.99 (with shifter). For me £179.99 is the normal price and anything less than that is a deal.

No offence to OP, just giving my insight since I’ve been watching the wheel for a long time.
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