GTA 4 Pre-Order £34.99 @ Currys Chingford In-Store

GTA 4 Pre-Order £34.99 @ Currys Chingford In-Store

Found 14th Apr 2008
Hi, my second post here so not sure if im doing this right.. Ive been looking for a good pre-order and the cheapest i found was amazon, but there was a chance iw ouldn't get it on the day.

At Currys Chingford, they are giving a FREE preorder as long as you buy a HDMI cable.
Bought one for £20 (needed it anyway) which makes the game £34.99 and GAURANTEED for release date. Checked two other stores near here, and they didn't do this offer.

Hot if you need a cable?
Otherwise, it requires a £5 deposit.


Not really when a HDMI cable only costs a fiver at Argos

Think you've been 'had' there matey!!

what a rip off lol

This has got to be one of the worst hot deals ever

Cold, £20 for an HDMI cable!!

They're giving you the oppurtunity to pre-order GTA4 by making you buy an HDMI cable for £20?!

Sounds like the manager at Chingford Currys is trying way too hard to try and cash in on the GTA4 release.

LOL hot just for the comedy value at how rip off merchant it is

Wouldn't it be better to put the £5 deposit down then go to Argos and get the £5 hdmi cable? :thinking:
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