GTA: Chinatown Wars (Nintendo DS) **£17.99 at**

GTA: Chinatown Wars (Nintendo DS) **£17.99 at**

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£23.69 everywhere else. (Also available to pre-order at for £17.99 (+ free Super Saver delivery))

I have been waiting for an official review of this game for a while as I was not sure how good this could be pulled off on the DS. Gamespot UK have just rewarded this a 9.5 out of 10 and it looks amazing!
Finally an adult themed game that I can get into on my DS.

Fully immersive GTA experience on the DS
Massive map featuring 4 of the 5 boroughs of Liberty City from GTA IV
Loads of integrated Touch Screen elements throughout gameplay
In-game economy based on a trading system with fluctuating prices
Tons of minigames including rampages, odd jobs and street races
GPS map system
All-new Police evasion system



thats a good price by the looks of it heat added

Just going to point out that this game is absolutely immense. You won't believe me, but i'm playing it more than I did the Xbox 360 version (for some reason...).

its a great game but its far too short

This game is unbelievable. I would buy it for £50.


its a great game but its far too short

Yeah, I've heard that.

Are there many activities to play after the main missions? I heard they brought back rampages..

yeah you can do rampages, drug dealing, police stuff, taxis and other things ive probably forgotten, you can buy buildings as well, took me about 3 hours to complete but I havent done all the rampages etc

Great game! Buy now ! heat added



its a great game but its far too short

I dont know how much the missions actualy take up of the game completion % but im 30% though and I think its excellent. If its 90% I would think the game is pretty big.

I also agree with the previous comment about the Xbox, I got bought it as a present and im less than 1% on it, obviously its a massive game though.

I'd be tempted to buy a DS if they make more games like these.
Great price,voted hot.

been posted numerous times at this price both places cold
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