GTA: Chinatown Wars PSP £13.99 @ Gameplay

GTA: Chinatown Wars PSP £13.99 @ Gameplay

Found 3rd Dec 2009
Fairly new game for a great price.

Just ordered it as a christmas present!


very tempting

okay had bought this for £24.99 and thought that it is a great game although i didn't realise it was birds eye view, thought it would be like the other psp gta titles.

so great game but beware it looks like GTA 1, 2 and london

I too have added to your hotness :p. It is a very enjoyable game although as Adam says it is old school. For those who don't know it's a port of the DS version with the same name.Having played the game on both portables I prefer this version as it looks much better.

wont take my mastro card as they are unable to right now so went to game online and bought it for £14.99 just as an alternative if anyone else is out there with that card
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