GTA IV Still in stock !

GTA IV Still in stock !

Found 29th Apr 2008
Just ordered online. Apparently they still have copies in stock for both ps3 and xbox360.

Highly sort after game at the moment, hard to get hold of.

Not the cheapest at 39.99, but if you didn't pre order like I me, then maybe this is your chance to get hold of a copy.

4% Quido.


Voted hot. 39.99 is probably the standard price.

by the looks of it still have some as u can still buy it from there,

Choices have it listed in-stock for £38.99 for the ]360 version. Several places have it listed for £39.99.

Voted cold.

"highly sort after"


the word is SOUGHT!!!

argos have some as well and you can go pick it up.

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Sorry about the bad spelling grex, it was late :oops:

everywere has these in stock where i live....all hype
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