GTA IV     XBOX 360   £9.99

GTA IV XBOX 360 £9.99

Found 9th Aug 2008
Its on the blockbuster sale. So it must be true !

Watch the banner on the deal link.


It does same games from £9.99
The bit where it says £9.99 is next to Gears of War.

Sadly not £9.99 just so dodgy advertising!

I don't see it. Where should i be looking?

WHich banner, the one for film4 after the affiliate link??…spx

going through to the games offer page on their site, it does clearly show on the rotating banner that the ps3 version of GTAIV as marked down to £9.99 (saving £15) in that sale - it also showed COD4 for X360 as £25 off, now £9.99...

Could be 2nd hand copies I guess...

should this not be expired then as its definently not 9.99 in the three blockbusters stores where i have asked

Blockbuster do have a sale on with games FROM £9.99…ust

but the key word is FROM. Sadly GTA4 and Devil May Cry 4 ain't one of the ones actually priced at £9.99
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