GTA Liberty City PSP - £20.99

GTA Liberty City PSP - £20.99

Found 8th Jan 2007
An all-new adventure

Amazing visuals

An all new soundtrack

Exclusive to PSP

£20.99 with Free Delivery and a little bit more off with Quidco. Quick search on couldn't find this game any less than £30.


£14.99 delivered at hmv

Original Poster

Oh - Well my price is a bit rubbish then!

Never mind!

no matter, get it for a cheaper price

That's not really a 'deal' - better luck next time!

never give up thoe some one will get a beter price here all the time its just the way it goes we like a bargain me thinks

like all bargains there only good till the next deal beats them or they end


Original Poster

Well like I said, I had a quite look on a price comparison site and it seemed alright or else I wouldnt have bothered posting!

highguyuk, post my find if u like of 14.99 at hmv, that would be ok

even better
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