GTA V Game Exclusive Special Edition (Xbox 360/PS3) £53.99 with code @ Game

GTA V Game Exclusive Special Edition (Xbox 360/PS3) £53.99 with code @ Game

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Found 2nd Jul 2013
Game have this up for £59.99 using discount code GTAFIVER brought it down to £54.99 , I want it cheaper than that i hear you say so...

use code: VCUKJUL13 to bring the price down to £53.99 instead not a huge discount but a discount all the same

The Grand Theft Auto V GAME Exclusive Special Edition Contains:

Collectable Steelbook with Exclusive Artwork - This special Steelbook features double-sided, never-before-seen artwork of Michael, Trevor and Franklin. Custom colour and metallic treatments bring out the detail of the exclusively-created artwork.

Blueprint Map - This exclusive, additional 21.5" x 26.75" map displays a blueprint view of Los Santos and Blaine County. Cryptic markings indicate locations for fast cash and other points of interest for the up-and-coming entrepeneur.

Digital Content:

Stunt Plane Trials - Single player Stunt Plane Trials let you take on additional aerial challenges spread throughout Los Santos and Blaine County
Special Ability Boost - Michael, Franklin and Trevor each have a unique special ability. With this boost, the special abilty bar will generate 25% faster!
Bonus Outfits, Tattoos and More - Michael, Franklin and Trevor get bonus outfits in their wardrobes, character specific tattoos at tattoo parlours, and special deals from shopkeepers
Additional Weapons - When visiting Ammunation stores in single player, merchants will have special weapons in their inventory available for free: the Pistol .50, Bullpup Shotgun and metee Hammer
Preorder now to ensure access to the Atomic Blimp in-game vehicle. With access to this iconic feature of the Los Santos skyline, players can take control of the most leisurely aircraft in the Los Santos skies.

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why the cold votes a deal that was posted for a £1 more is over 200 in heat yet this is minus 60 lol, I worry about about people on here at times
Because every game deal has been a variation of items made cheaper with the same code.
What a rip off! The Collectors edition is £100+ Thats a true bargain! (Sarcasm if you havent figured it out...)
Well I don't care what any of these idiots think - thanks a lot, OP. You saved me a pound.

Cheers for posting. Hot! This is only ~ 14 quid more expensive than the standard edition and will be a hell of a lot more resellable 6 months down the line if I want to buy the inevitable PC version. The steelbook will help it keep its value and the code for 25% more special ability will either be fun to use or something for me to sell on eBay
Any other discount codes for this? Looks like those codes have expired now.
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