gtech air ram mk2 £161.98 @ Costco

gtech air ram mk2 £161.98 @ Costco

£161.98Costco Deals
LocalFound 12th Jun 2017
gtech air ram mk2 now with £25 off at Costco. appreciate you need to be a member but a lot of people are members. these are pretty much universally £199 online.
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Could do with one of these. Tired of being shackled to the wall!
Nick Gray does my swede right in.
How is he making any money when he's advertising his hoover, lawn mower and poxy bike nonstop?
In store only?
Drilled a couple of holes at a neighbours house who needed a support handle fitting to the wall. She brought this out and I must say that the neat stripe of plaster dust it left at the skirting board was a delight. Perfectly straight.
yes instore only - @getmeone i doubt anyone would suggest this is a replacement for a corded full blown Vacuum, but when you have little ones around that make a mess constantly when eating, something like this is much more convenient than dragging out your 10 tonne dyson!
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