Gtech Air Ram (pink) £159.99 at Amazon

Gtech Air Ram (pink) £159.99 at Amazon

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Found 3rd Nov 2013
Bought one a few weeks ago for £169.99. Normally £200 for the grey. Excellent cleaner, very light and no wires
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Have this in the Grey, absolutely love it. Easily manages everyday vacuuming, including dog hair, and being cordless it's so convenient
Ever wondered why their advert hasn't been on TV recently??? ASA banned them for making up every single 'fact' about their products!…spx

Hot from me I paid 199 a couple if weeks ago for this item in pink ! Great deal and a great item
It's totally crap, save up and buy a Dyson
biggest waste of money I ever spent, just got a refund!

biggest waste of money I ever spent, just got a refund!

really? What were your concerns with it? Genuine question as so far we are really pleased with it?
Seems expensive, great for hard floors and its cordless. Damming adjudication from the A S A.
Anyone check out the reviews of this on the John Lewis website....virtually all 5 star reviews.....maybe Bex110 bought a fake one at the local car boot sale?
Awful company. Bought two last year (one for my parents) numerous problems and both handles have snapped! They don't want to know whatsoever!
Looks like an updated carpet sweeper,I'm sure my gran had one lol
Newer version of this??
dont get me wrong its a handy little gadget being cordless but the top of the collection tray didn't fit on properly so lost suction really quickly, i got a replacement but had same problem so I gave up after 2nd, and went back to my vax air
Dam I missed it
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