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Gtech AirRAM Cordless Vacuum Cleaner £159.96 or 4 easy pays of £39.99 FREE DELIVERY on QVC
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Gtech AirRAM Cordless Vacuum Cleaner £159.96 or 4 easy pays of £39.99 FREE DELIVERY on QVC

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Posted 23rd Jun 2013

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

£200 on Amazon

AirRAM cordless vacuum cleaner from Gtech. This lightweight, rechargeable vacuum cleaner features a streamlined, cordless design with a powerful brush bar and suction fan that work in unison to lift dirt for easy home cleaning. Change the way you vacuum your home with the innovative Gtech AirRAM, making cleaning faster, easier and more convenient.

Revolutionary technology – features energy-saving AirRAM technology to compress and collect all dirt into compact, tidy bales, so there’s no mess when you need to empty the vacuum.

Versatile, easy cleaning – despite its compact size, the AirRAM holds the same amount of dirt as a number of full-size upright cleaners and works well on hard floors and carpets. Plus, its streamlined low profile is perfect for reaching under furniture.

Long-lasting battery power – features a professional-grade Li-ion battery and a four-hour charge will offer up to 40 minutes of powerful cleaning. There’s also a power indicator that lets you know at a glance how much cleaning time is left.

Good Housekeeping Institute Approved 2012
Lighter and easier to manoeuvre than regular vacuums

What’s in the box?
1 x AirRAM vacuum
1 x 22V li-ion battery
1 x charger

Weight: 3.5kg
Dimensions (h x w x d): 112.5cm x 25.8cm x 29.5cm (44.3" x 10"x 11.6")
Capacity: 0.8 litre
Wattage: 100W
Battery powered: charge time: 4 hours; run time: 40 minutes

All measurements are approximate
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getting chilly here - can someone point me to where it's cheaper I'd really appreciate it
I have one and by and large it's good. It's not a replacement for a regular vacuum as it has no attachments so can't do the full range of jobs you'd want a vacuum to do. It's also surprisingly noisy. Best thought of as an alternative to a traditional carpet sweeper but tens times more effective. Great on hard surfaces so we tend to use it instead of brushing the kitchen floor. No cord to plug in means that it gets used far more readily and it's great to be able to do a circuit of the ground floor without having to stop to plug in or sort out trapped leads. Also works well for vacuuming out the boot of my Mondeo.

The dirt collection system works quite well, although it can be messy to empty as the various bits tend to either fall apart or only come apart with a tug, thereby releasing lots of dust. But everything can be washed so easy to keep the machine looking like new. The computer link up is just a gimmick, but a bit of fun - and you have to send off for a special USB lead (free) to use it. I tried a regular USB printer cable which looks identical but for whatever reason the software didn't recognise the cleaner using this lead.

Battery life is good - you probably do get around 40 mins although we've never used it continuously for anything like that period and the battery tends to die without warning - the 3 LEDs aren't all that reliable.

And you're saving money compared with your regular vacuum every time you use it - so they say - so if you enjoy household gadgets it's a good buy and at this price and even better one.

Can't say whether its any good but its the cheapest around at the moment so if you want one...have some heat
If these could do the stairs and skirting boards and wall edges then they would be really good. Unfortunately you need this plus another vacuum cleaner for the bits it can't do - so cold on that front
however hot on this price compared to other places
Over 5 years this will save more than its cost in electricity compared to using a typical 1200w plus vacuum as it only uses 100w.
This is a £40 saving over the price everywhere else .
You get the feeling this should be bundled with a dustbuster type device to clean the places the air ram cannot reach.The £40 saving would be enough to buy a decent one.
So it's 20% cheaper than the next cheapest but ICE cold - don't you just love this site

btw the demo shows it doing stairs and uptight to edges fine
Bought for £200 a couple of months back. Great product. Heat added for the price.
Heat added, can you get this cheaper anywhere else??
I but the Dyson DC44 over this £279 but you get a £50 gift card when you buy at Tescos. But heat added as best price by far for this.
Really efficient cleaner and very easy for an elderly person to use. My mother found even the Vax Air to heavy but has no trouble with this. I paid over £200 so this is a great price. If you have an elderly relative get one for them. Agreed it doesn't do everything but if you team it with a little Black and Decker Dustbuster with a hose: BLACK & DECKER Dustbuster PD1080-GB you have a winning combination - with no wires to trip over!
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I bought this from qvc at the last offer and the wheel fell off. I lost faith but still good product.
Anybody had any progress on there orders?
Well I've been using it for about 2 weeks now and was very surprised at how well it vacuums. Surprisingly powerful and haven't had out the traditional Vac since getting it. Removes the chore of hoovering, battery lasts approx 40 mins which is enough to do my house twice at least.
Very good price, do they stock them often?
Marvellous machine. I've downloaded the bridge software, but unfortunately windows 10 will not recognise the connection. Very sad !

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