Gtech eBike (Electric Bike) - £995.00 Save £700 @ Gtech

Gtech eBike (Electric Bike) - £995.00 Save £700 @ Gtech

Found 8th Dec 2015
I'm not expecting this to get much heat as £1000 for a bike is still alot of money but a £700 saving for what I'd expect to be a well engineered piece of equipment can't be bad. There are also two different frame designs depending on your preference and size.

I don't own one myself but like many I have used Gtechs home products like the AirRam and they are good.

What's more you can have this bike on a free 14 day trial, free deliver, free return..... I'm so tempted!!

There is more info and videos if you follow the link but the offer seems to apply until the end of the month... it's probably been discounted before but I'm not aware if so...
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£1700 before? Now really. Is it worth £900? maybe
5% quidco available


It was way overpriced at £1700 and they weren't selling any, so they've reduced em to £1K..... but its still overpriced and you can get better for less.
It has no gears and a piddling little 5a/h battery...... the only thing in its favour is the relatively light weight for an Ebike at 16 kilos, but thats because it has such a small battery.

A Woosh Karoo is £250 cheaper and better.

Thanks Biker Jeff, it does seen a lot better - … Thanks Biker Jeff, it does seen a lot better -

Not dealt with the company Woosh myself personally..... but they have a very good reputation on the Ebike forum i use.
anyone recommend a good electric bike around £700?
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