Gtech Multi Cordless Vaccum £129.00 @ Gtech

Gtech Multi Cordless Vaccum £129.00 @ Gtech

Found 26th Jul 2014
A great and cheaper alternative to the Dyson DC34

Use TOOLS001 promotional code to reduce price to £129 and a further 7% cashback available through Quidco taking price to £119.97.
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got to be honest never heard of it and the website and the vacuum make it look like it would be sold on a shopping channel you know the one where they talk so much it takes 2 hours to find out how much it cost. I dont think im gonna chuck my handheld dyson just yet.
we have both the handheld and the upright G-Tech and they are excellent. My old Dyson hasn't been required since we got these about six weeks ago.
From the people who brought you a motorised carpet sweeper with a battery for almost the price of a dyson. Looks like they're at if again...
The motorized carpet sweeper that has rave reviews everywhere?
Just a quick note to add - I have a multi and paid full price about 6 months ago. I too compared with the likes of Dyson and ended up wanting to give this one a try mainly because of their good service record from reviews, refund policy if it did not suit me right and warranty period.

I will say I have not been disaspointed. My primary use is in the car daily due to the amount of crap that comes in but I have used it on and off in the house for dog hair, quick spills etc.
Battery life is much better than the dyson and while I cannot compare power for power, the gtech has picked up everything I expect it to from twigs, leaves, hair, stones, debris.

Also has a replacable battery so you can buy a spare

What I don't like is the fact you have to keep the button held down when hoovering. A right pain when you're trying nooks and crannies

But thats about it in terms of negative points
Do you get any good crevice tools with it ?
Sorry didn't have email updates on !

The vac has a built in brush and in the body slides out a crevice tool like the one shown on the website:
(he/she is hoovering up the skirting with it)

You also get that extension pipe for free

What I also like is that a lot of the spares are readily available on their site for not too much £££
Difference between these and Dyson, apart from the absurd prices Dyson actually charge for their vacuums, is that these actually work exactly like it says on the tin. Anybody ever wondered why Dyson need to keep reinventing their product if it was as good as it was supposed to be?
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