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Gtech Pro Cordless Vacuum Cleaner £129.99 with code @ Gtech
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Gtech Pro Cordless Vacuum Cleaner £129.99 with code @ Gtech

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Posted 18th Jul

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Bagged cleaning offers a hygienic, mess free alternative for busy homes. Dirt, dust and hair is trapped within the bags, meaning you don’t need to come into contact with it while emptying your vacuum. If you’re not one for upkeep, bags are the perfect option - you don’t need to clean out any filters as each new bag is essentially a fresh start, keeping maintenance to a minimum and letting you get on with enjoying life.

The Gtech Pro can be used in handheld mode for jobs like car cleaning. The powered brush head is designed to lift stubborn dirt, dust and hair from a variety of surfaces, including car upholstery. Tackle any leftover mud and grass in your footwells and boot for the perfect finish.
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Are these any good? Bags look a bit pricey if it fills up quickly
Chapers_2318/07/2019 14:48

Are these any good? Bags look a bit pricey if it fills up quickly

I don't like them TBH, mine never came with any attachments like crevice tool or brush, meant having to buy their handheld too which for me was just silly, so I returned mine and got a VAX 32V Pro which came with the attachments and is bagless, it's very good for a cordless. HTH.
Which tested the Gtech Pro ATF301, this is Pro AFT305, don’t know what the difference is but they said “Pros: Great at cleaning on hard floors. Cons: Poor at cleaning on carpets, allergy filters could be improved

During our First Look of this vacuum we weren't convinced by its carpet cleaning skills, and this is reflected in the poor cleaning scores it received during lab testing. It's very poor at cleaning on carpets and a bit on the noisy side. It's great for cleaning on hard floors and sucking up everyday spills, but it's not an all-rounder, which is why it receives a middling test score.”
Got one for Xmas, it’s amazing use it all time, only down fall I can find over others is it doesn’t sit in a dock on perm charge, a 2nd battery would be nice.

Regarding bags I’m still on the first, I empty it and hoover it out with my Henry
Not sure about these. I remember the old bagged vacuum cleaners which manufacturers and the public moved away from. The new bagless vacuum cleaners were said to be a big improvement because you didn't lose suction. Now Gtech are saying hey bags are not so bad and are better than bagless. I guess if you regularly change the bag then perhaps they are okay but you have the ongoing expense of buying bags and remembering when you last changed it.
Chapers_2318/07/2019 14:48

Are these any good? Bags look a bit pricey if it fills up quickly


Bought one to replace a Dyson upright that had seen better days.

Poor build quality. Mine lasted 4 days before the battery started smelling like it was leaking.

Also poor at picking up dirt from carpets. Bought a Dyson V10 (yes I know they are more £££). But that picked up a huge amount compared to the GTech.
Had one for a new days now, and it's OK as a second vacuum for quick cleaning between major cleans, but it's definitely not useful as your main vacuum cleaner. The attachments are hard to click in and take off, the suction is poor, and I'm not sure it's worth the money. Thinking of returning it.
A glorified carpet sweeper!
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