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GTECH PRO cordless vacuum - £169 @ Gtech
Found 11th Dec 2018Found 11th Dec 2018
My trusty Dyson has finally given up! I have managed to replace it with the new gtech pro for 169 The Dyson v10 was too expensive for me! This is Gtechs most powerful Hoover, a… Read more

We had the v6 and it was ok but packed up after 6 months light use.


That's complete garbage. Anything that uses a bag will lose suction as it fills up, because the bag is the filter which clogs over time as there's less airflow due to the bag filling with dirt.


I wouldn’t go that far, just not fit for purpose. (y) 🏼




We have an air ram and it’s amazing. Its better than our old Dyson corded vacuum which we never use now.

Gtech AirRam MK2 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner £159.99 w/code @ Gtech
Found 26th Nov 2018Found 26th Nov 2018
The Gtech AirRam MK2 Transform the way you clean your home with the award winning, cordless vacuum cleaner that is specially designed to glide from carpets to hard-floors with no … Read more

No. My Mum has one as she can’t push a full size cleaner. It sounds like it’s struggling on carpet i.e. underpowered, and the waste container is a pain to remove and empty. I think it’s marketing over practicality. The shark deal would be way better. shark


Are these better than Dyson?

Gtech Power Floor K9 for £169.99 using code @ Gtech
Found 22nd Nov 2018Found 22nd Nov 2018
Enter Voucher at checkout. Email states it's only 24hrs, but it's still working for me

Ordered one. I figure if it's not good I can return it.


I’d like to know the same?


Same and same.


Anyone got one of these? Really tempted but mixed reviews

Gtech Leaf Blower - £99.99  With Code  @ Gtech
Found 21st Nov 2018Found 21st Nov 2018
Before Code £285.99 - Seems more like the price it should be, I've just bought one so can't comment yet on how good it is. Just add to basket and use code on checkout The latest a… Read more

It's not a proper gardening job if you don't initiate your neighbour to peek over the fence. Turn it up to MAX. Let him know HE should also be doing some gardening.


How loud is it? I don't want to be one of those neighbours...


I've got one of these... it's fabulous - so worth the money!


4% quidco but may be denied due to the discount code use.

Gtech Power Floor plus Free Car Accessory Kit (worth £50) £169.99 w/code @ Gtech, Power Floor K9 £199 w/code CJ594 (link in description)
Found 19th Sep 2018Found 19th Sep 2018
Our most versatile cordless vacuum cleaner The Gtech Power Floor Floor to ceiling cordless cleaning. We’ve waved goodbye to traditional vacuuming and have done away with the bulk… Read more

There's now a code for the k9, you have to buy the k9 with the multi k9, its normally £349 but comes down to £279 with the code SLC32, you also get the car kit and extension tube free


No there isn't, i've just checked, no codes for the k9


Yeah you're right, would have to be separate, not an issue though given postage as you said. Gone through all your other deals to make notes of the prices and codes for all the models, there isn't a code for the Air Ram K9 at the moment is there?


Yea that's right, but i think you'd have to order the car kit separately because you can only enter one code at a time, but delivery is free. You can also get 5% back through topcashback or quidco


Great, thanks for clarifying and the extra car code. So that's 170 for the regular one with the car kit and 225 for the K9 by the looks of it?

Gtech Pro Cordless Bagged Handstick Vacuum Cleaner plus Free Flexible Power Hose (worth £50) 169.99 w/code @ Gtech
Found 17th Sep 2018Found 17th Sep 2018
Designed for busy homes, the new Gtech Pro combines the convenience of cordless cleaning with hygienic bags for easy disposal, reducing maintenance time and helping to keep your bi… Read more

I've got the hoover cordless and its ok not great at picking up small bits still don't think you can beat a corded one unless dewalt bring out a flexvolt 54v cordless like there power tools


Theres a new deal now, with a new code you can get £30 off the vac and a free hose worth £50, ive edited the deal


Think this must have been a glitch. It's coming up at £179 now. Which makes sense given the code PROFB179.


Let's say the head stops working, they will send out a new head to replace it, but the broken old one must go back to the manufacturer via included returns bag or other method, this is so the manufacturer can diagnose any design/manufacturing faults. ;)


Love the Henry idea ;)

Gtech eScent Mountain ebike - £1299.99 delivered using code @ Gtech via T3
Found 28th Jul 2018Found 28th Jul 2018
Gtech eScent Mountain ebike - £1299.99 delivered using code @ Gtech via T3
£1,299.99£1,899.9932%Gtech Deals
Amazing value at this price point. A rockshox 120mm air suspension up front 27.5 x 2.35 kenda tyres A powerful 500w motor Shimano deore 1x10 gears 75mm suspension seatpost Lightwe… Read more

GTech eScent eBike bundle offer £1249.99 - save over 45% with code
Found 17th Jul 2018Found 17th Jul 2018
With the code EB18 you can pick up the GTech eScent mountain eBike for £1250 and a whole bunch of extras including: Helmet Cap Gloves Essentials kit (bag, pump etc) Lock Mud… Read more

Doesn't look half bad, slx rear mech 10 spd, and a spare battery, 14 day free trial.


Eesh, 200Wh is plenty for a commute where you're charging on both ends which I think is what they're thinking by giving you a spare battery but on long mountain bike trails you're going to run out. Then again on the trails you'd probably want a crank-drive for more torque so maybe this is best used as a commuter.


Technical details of the battery weren't easy to find, but I found them here: Bike Manual.pdf Battery: 36V 5.6Ah Li-Ion


I bought one of them last November. Only bought it because it was cheap, but i've been pretty impressed with it.


They dont seem to list the watt/hr or the amp/hr of the battery anywhere..... i'm guessing its about 5amp/hr from the size of it. But apart from the small battery, it looks alright.

GTECH K9 AirRAM & Multi System & Car Kit RRP £477.08 OFFER £279.98
Found 24th Jun 2018Found 24th Jun 2018
Bargain Offer GTECH K9 AirRam & Multi System & Car kit for £279.98 or without car kit £254.98. Add the K9 AirRam and multi to your shopping basket and car kit if required.… Read more

Wasn't a pop, as I said, good price but I wouldn't have it as a main vacuum. Also I'm surprised they are dog owners, as the actual 'dust collection tray' is tiny, you're forever emptying it.


All my friends and family have these and they love them. All dog owners. I just wanted to share a bargain. Based on feedback maybe i wont waste my time


Yes, my house is quite big & I have one in each of the bedrooms (y)


Crikey, is that one for each room! (shock) (y)


We’ve got the K9 GTECH AirRAM & 4 of the GTECH Multi at my house, they are very good on Carpets but we still have to go over the laminated floor with our Trusted Henry as it’s MUCH better! My GTECH lawnmower is Fantastic (highfive)

GTECH power floor sweeper and car kit for half price £149.99
Refreshed 12th Jun 2018Refreshed 12th Jun 2018LocalLocal
GTECH power floor sweeper and car kit for half price £149.99
An absolute bargain buy a GTECH power floor sweeper and car Kit for £149.99 normal price £299.99. Add sweeper and car kit to your basket and then use code 98bf https://www.gtech… Read more

Just posted a new Gtech offer for a K9 Airram and multi


Looks like GTECH have ended the deal apologises thanks for letting me know.


Says code not valid


Back in stock


Been informed deal ends tomorrow. 18th June

2 eBikes for the price of 1 @ GTech
Found 11th Jun 2018Found 11th Jun 2018
Came across this mines is due 12/06/18 You can currently get a rather amazing deal on Gtech,with a T3 code For £1699 you get the Gtech eBike City (at # 1,above) AND this the Gtech … Read more

Thanks. This gives a discount of £650 bringing the price down to £1249.99, still not as good of a deal as the original post IMO. Similar spec'd bikes can be had for under £1000, for example the All Seasons E-Xplorer at £949, not such a well known brand but has good reviews and a longer battery range. If the eScent was under £1000 without the hassle of selling the 'free' bike, I'd bite.


Try MTBUP on just the eScent Bike


Looks like code has now expired


Still does not work, Cleared Cache, Cookies the bloody lot and still not working.


Didnt Work Rang Gtech and gave me a code for eScent bike MTBUP Got a good discount

Gtech eScent & City bike plus spare battery worth £299 for £1699 with code
Found 3rd Jun 2018Found 3rd Jun 2018
Gtech eScent & City bike plus spare battery worth £299 for £1699 with code
Gtech eScent & City eclectic bikes plus spare battery worth £299 for £1699 with code The eScent is normally £1800 and the City is £999 plus the battery for £299 so virtually … Read more

I am intreged by your comment. As the cheapest Jumpstumper is £1800 and a good motor drive kit around £800 pounds I don't think your figures add up. Can you explain how you can do it any cheaper


I'd like to know too. How big is the cat?



Walking doesn't cut it beyond a mile or two, even then a bike travels (by google map's estimate) four times faster than a person so that 40 minute walk becomes 10 minutes.


Excelent deal.Works for me. Heat added

GTech Lawnmower With Free Fast Charger & Free Hedge Trimmer - £349.99 @ GTech
Found 15th Mar 2018Found 15th Mar 2018
Just got an email for existing customers buy Gtech Lawnmower and get a free fast charger, free hedge trimmer and free delivery using code 78GU. Saving 45% off normal price. These l… Read more

Has anyone in Norther Ireland ever been able to get a GTech lawnmower successfully shipped to them from GTech in Birmingham? I am now experiencing the 4th disappointment - 3 previous lawnmowers were shipped to me and all were snagged by TNT for incorrect paperwork and subsequently returned to GTech. I paid for this almost a month ago. The 4th one was dispatched and today is snagged again by TNT......I'm quite sure soon to be returned to GTech. Yet again I haven't received what I have paid for. This case was escalated to their management who promised to personally see it through to delivery. That manager failed to call me on Monday as promised with the action plan. He failed to call me back on Tuesday with my tracking number. Today he isn't available to speak to me. The whole situation is pathetic and in terms of customer service "totally atrocious".


Can you give an update when you get a chance please (angel)


Each battery is supposed to last 40 mins but instead of getting an extra battery you could opt for the fast charger both are £99 each and sorry its arriving today so can not really give you any feedback on the mower


what is the mower like and how long do the batteries last?


Amazing just ordered but instead of a fast charger they gave me an extra battery i called and said I got an email with a code and it won't work the 78GU And they said no problems we will do it over the phone so everything for £349.99 💥💥💥

Gtech Black Friday Deals LIVE
Found 23rd Nov 2017Found 23rd Nov 2017
Gtech Black Friday Deals LIVE
Received an email from gtech with a link to all their offers which go live tonight, some decent savings to be had here
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Argos deal on for this at the moment. Got the K9 MK2 air ram and handheld for £280


screen shotted the screen lol too lazy to type them out for you.. sorry for the inconvinence haha


Why not tell us the deals?..... Cold


So you have to be a Russian spy to get this deal?

Gtech free grass trimmer when you purchase the lawn mower - £299 @ Gtech
Found 17th Dec 2016Found 17th Dec 2016
Gtech currently are giving away the grass trimmer for free when you purchase the lawn mower at £299 Also 11% Quidco
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No, I didn't think they would be likely to offer a discount? Also odd that it says WAS £399 NOW £349. Wonder why they don't put WAS £299 with FREE grass trimmer NOW £349 with nothing X)


Did you not ask them if they would do an offer?


Wish I had picked this up, costs £423 with grass trimmer now!


The most wanted and sort after deal which will blow the hot button off the webpage and slow the site to a crawl... read on is the one that you get for paying nowt ;)


​keep at it. some deals go hot some cold. it's just how the hukd readers are feeling at the time. the best ones are things that you genuinely buy as you believe it's a deal..

Gtech Multi Mk2 - £139
Found 9th Dec 2016Found 9th Dec 2016
Gtech multi mk2. Decent vac, much improved from the Mk1 No, its not a dyson, but great reviews. I personally found it to be better than a dyson handheld - however this isn't a gt… Read more

hi can anyone tell me how the £10 Xmas discount is applied please?


how do toy get the discount please. I've just gone to order it and there was no discount at checkout. Is it a voucher for when you buy again from them


Disagree mine knocks spots off a v6. but this isnt a dyson deal. It doesn't cost dyson money either. Enjoy your expensive V6 ;)


Dyson handheld v6 all the way.These look and feel cheap and nasty.


Maybe your significant other isn't really into watching you post things on hukd.

Gtech eBike (Electric Bike) - £995.00 Save £700 @ Gtech
Found 8th Dec 2015Found 8th Dec 2015
Gtech eBike (Electric Bike) - £995.00 Save £700 @ Gtech
I'm not expecting this to get much heat as £1000 for a bike is still alot of money but a £700 saving for what I'd expect to be a well engineered piece of equipment can't be bad. T… Read more

anyone recommend a good electric bike around £700?


Not dealt with the company Woosh myself personally..... but they have a very good reputation on the Ebike forum i use.


Thanks Biker Jeff, it does seen a lot better -


It was way overpriced at £1700 and they weren't selling any, so they've reduced em to £1K..... but its still overpriced and you can get better for less. It has no gears and a piddling little 5a/h battery...... the only thing in its favour is the relatively light weight for an Ebike at 16 kilos, but thats because it has such a small battery. A Woosh Karoo is £250 cheaper and better.



Gtech airram k9 bundle should have been £472.89
Found 1st Jan 2015Found 1st Jan 2015
Gtech airram k9 bundle should have been £472.89
Have been looking for a gtech airram vacuum, and on amazon just the basic one is £249.00. On the Gtech site the upgraded model is £249.99. (The basic is £200, ie cheaper than amazo… Read more

I've got the Gtech air ram and I wouldn't be without it, I'd recommend this if you want something to use everyday as its so convenient but I still use my normal Hoover every now and again as there are no tool with the air ram. I also bought the Multi but thought it was useless, felt flimsy, didn't do a very good job and had a few faults so ended up returning it for a full refund. I wouldn't recommend the Multi at all.


Best thing to do is go to a shop and try them both out.


I'm really interested to hear that you thought it wasn't great because the amazon reviews of the basic unit seem pretty decent and I've got to say I have been tempted to get one of the K9 units too. Obviously need to do some further research!


Ok googled gtech advert banned and nothing came up. Which don't generally have bogus items on them? I know this wasn't the most clear deal posted but seems to just have opinions on the items themselves, not on the deal. May not bother in future I thought a discount of over 25% was good.


Tested one of these out and agree with Holgmaster. The handheld I used felt like a crappy Dyson clone.

SW02 Advanced Power Sweeper with 2 years free warranty - £44.95 @ Gtech
Found 5th Oct 2014Found 5th Oct 2014
SW02 Advanced Power Sweeper with 2 years free warranty - £44.95 @ Gtech
SW02 Advanced Power Sweeper £49.95 10% off all floor sweeper with code WR10 Makes it to £44.95 plus Extended 2 Year Warranty (FREE for limited time - normally £12.95) Our best… Read more
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Thanks OP, ordered yesterday arrives tomorrow. £44.95, free delivery, free extended warranty & £4.72 TCB. Great deal.


Quite noisy...but my 75 year old mum loves it...she says its great as a cordless cleaner for doing stairs and it cleans carpet very well


How noisy is this?


this seems like a good price, are the these any good on carpets?


10.5% cashback with

G Tech airRam kit FREE with free p+p
Found 20th Aug 2014Found 20th Aug 2014
G Tech airRam kit FREE with free p+p
type in freshair for discount code and get them for free worth £14.95 according to their website not sure how long the offer is on for. Shopping Cart .Coupon code "freshair" was … Read more
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Code still working - at least it's let me place a 'free' order - will see if it's fulfilled! Thank you OP!


code still working - yippee!


its asking for a serial number, has anyone got one as random numbers are not working.


Thanks, just logged in and ordered mine for free.


what is this for? The filter?