GTX 1080 Gaming Desktop+ Occulus Rift+Touch - £1269 @ Overclockers +£14.10 delivery

GTX 1080 Gaming Desktop+ Occulus Rift+Touch - £1269 @ Overclockers +£14.10 delivery

Found 17th Jul 2017Edited by:"GamingMango"
I was looking to buy a custom desktop to run Occulus Rift with the recent price drop. I came across this deal which works out cheaper than if I was to build it myself. For £1269 + £14.10 delivery you get:

1. Occulus Rift + Touch+ Free games bundle, on Sale for £399

2. Gaming Desktop: £870
i5-7400 Processor
GTX 1080 ASUS card
16GB ram 2400mhz
1GB Hardrive
Windows 10
*Customisable options on the website

The GTX card is worth £500 alone, which makes it £370 for the desktop!!

*Not the best processor and crap motherboard ( cannot overclock), but for this price its a great way to experience VR in high detail. Can always upgrade the GFX later by selling it on.

**I spoke to customer service and they threw in a free PCI-E wi-fi card.

*** Current lead times are about a week from order to delivery. I ordered mine on Saturday 15.07.17, advised delivery for 25.07.17

***Other GTX options are available. For the price/performance I went with the 1080
Hopefully this helps someone who is looking to get into VR gaming ( and have the cash for it)
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That is a very good price. That PC would cost about £950-£1000 to build. But also includes the £400 rift headset amazing value. If you want a decent PC and don't want VR. You can always get this and sell the headset for about £300+.
pretty bad cpu though
not so sure it's future proof
also, as always, I worry about the psu
beware the ides of cheap psu
Edited by: "robodan918" 17th Jul 2017
That 1gb hard drive, got to be a bottleneck!

Heat mate!

pretty bad cpu thoughnot so sure it's future proofalso, as always, I … pretty bad cpu thoughnot so sure it's future proofalso, as always, I worry about the psubeware the ides of cheap psu

Yeah I agree with this.

Pretty bad CPU. Wouldn't buy a quad anymore. Also Kolink PSU doesn't seem like a wise idea especially when pairing a 1080 with it.
I agree the CPU is not great, but will do a reasonable job for running basic VR for the price. Does VR require multiple cores to run?

The Kolink is a basic PSU, but is rated at 500w 80+, will be enough for the power draw of the system especially if not overclocking. Can aways spend 40 quid to get a branded one if one prefers!
i5-7400???? You kidding me, it is not going to be able to load GTX 1080 for 100% in half of the titles!
Haters gonna hate cos they aint got cash
You could do better with your cash. This isnt a good deal.
parasitemol7 h, 17 m ago

That 1gb hard drive, got to be a bottleneck! Heat mate!

One gigabit is tiny!
I toyed with this, it's not bad value but there are too many cheap components for me to bite.

CPU is going to be the first bottleneck in the future, cheap PSU and motherboard, no option to upgrade the HDD space. It will be awesome initially, but in a few months some of these inconveniences are going to start affecting the build.

If it was a bit more customisable this could have been really good, but too many compromises for my personal liking. You're gonna have a fecking good time in VR with it though OP

This is the same deal already posted last week but with the gtx 1060 and less ram for £999. Surely upgrading the GPU to gtx 1080 would need an upgrade on the PSU. Still a good deal thou
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