gtx 480 with Far Cry 2 & Startcraft 2 (Trial) - £196.30 Delivered @ Scan
gtx 480 with Far Cry 2 & Startcraft 2 (Trial) - £196.30 Delivered @ Scan

gtx 480 with Far Cry 2 & Startcraft 2 (Trial) - £196.30 Delivered @ Scan

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people keep banging on about unlocking the shaders on an 6950 to make it a 6970.
e.g. here;
making this hot:

reading the article it shows that overclocking makes more difference than unlocking the shaders.

the 480 stock is as quick as the 6970 (for £70 less) and quicker than the 6950 (for £6 more).

the 480 has more overhead of further overclocking and comes with a free far cry 2 and star craft (trial).

a down side is power consumption.

ive just invested, up to you guys if you think its worth a punt.


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if anyone knows how to make the links into links that be great.

I have one of these. I upgrade VGA almost every year. This was my best buy so far.
Yes, it gets hot but my side fan does a good job and keep it under 76 degrees even in warm room.
Bit power hungry, but price/performance ratio is great on this one.

This one is also very tempting : ****.co.uk/sho…-GI

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i watercool so temp aint an issue. very cheap considering it was flagship not too long ago.

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fair play i actually bought the pny model due to the extra year on the warranty.

So tempted to commit, but I've only just got my hands on a GTX 460. Different league to the 480, but suits my needs. Good reviews on this card but it is thirsty. Heat added.
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