gtx 560 ti **448 core*** £209.99 at Dabs

gtx 560 ti **448 core*** £209.99 at Dabs

Found 2nd Dec 2011
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this new card was overpriced something stupid, but at 209 now we are talking a good price.

the packaging has battleifled 3 all over it, this implies (but i am not sure) it has a free copy of battlefield 3 with it, (which would make this a mega deal)

near enough gtx 570 performance for 30-40 quid less
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why are people voting cold, this is a great price
Spend a little more and get a GTX570
People should realise that this is a special edition 560ti with more cores enabled, performance is very close to the 570gtx. And it is supposed to have a higher overclock potential than the GTX570
apriest - I think you're a bit off the mark.

It's running off the same chips as 570s, but with fewer stream processors.

560ti's are a different architecture.

Regardless - it's still a pretty powerful card and hits the sweet spot between 560 and 570 at this price, but with performance NEARLY on par with the 570s.

Think of it like a budget 570 rather than a special 560ti.

As for overclock potential - I don't know.
Does this come with Battlefield 3?
Original Poster

Does this come with Battlefield 3?

i have looked at other sites sellign this card including palits site. i would say no i dont thnk it comes with battlefield 3, if it did i think they would emphasise this point strongly. It seems they just plonked a bf3 sticker on it to make it appeal to ppl looking to upgrade for bf3.

so not a mega deal, but a reasonable price for the card
You misunderstand this is a special edition 560TI with extra unlocked cores (448 as opposed to 480 in the 570GTX). But as all of these special editions are handpicked they should be from better batches. If you look at this comparison on Toms, the special edition perform much closer to a 570~GTX than a standard 560TI. < 3% on average + the higher overclock.…tml

One thing to note though if you want this special edition for SLi better buy two now as they won't SLi with a standard 560Ti and they are limited production run.
Please stop buying into the marketing language.

3rd paragraph - GF114 core in the 560ti, GF110 in 570's. This "limited edition" is, architecturally, a cut-back GF110 - in other words a cut-down version of the 570 - not that there's anything wrong with that. AMD's X2 and X3 chips were perfectly good for their price point but were crippled X4s. You can't create extra cores out of thin air.

In agreement on SLi point. doesn't need to be the same card - just the same core. Makes me wonder if you can SLi one of the limited 560 ti's and a 570 since they are architecturally the same - one just has fewer cores.. hmm.
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