GTX 780 ti Graphics Card 3GB £155 @ CEX

GTX 780 ti Graphics Card 3GB £155 @ CEX

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Decent graphics card for gaming if you are looking to game rather than mine.

GTX 780 Ti GPU Engine Specs:
2880CUDA Cores
875Base Clock (MHz)
928Boost Clock (MHz)
210Texture Fill Rate (GigaTexels/sec)
GTX 780 Ti Memory Specs:
7.0 GbpsMemory Clock
3072 MBStandard Memory Config
GDDR5Memory Interface
384-bitMemory Interface Width
336Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec)
GTX 780 Ti Support:
GPU Boost 2.0, PhysX, TXAA, NVIDIA G-SYNC-ready, SHIELD-readyImportant Technologies
3D Vision, CUDA, Adaptive VSync, FXAA, NVIDIA Surround, SLI-readyOther Supported Technologies
PCI Express 3.0Bus Support
YesCertified for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista or Windows XP
Yes3D Vision Ready
12 APIMicrosoft DirectX
YesBlu Ray 3D
Yes3D Gaming
Yes3D Vision Live (Photos and Videos)
Display Support:
4 displaysMulti Monitor
4096x2160Maximum Digital Resolution1
2048x1536Maximum VGA Resolution
One Dual Link DVI-I, One Dual Link DVI-D, One HDMI, One DisplayPortStandard Display Connectors
InternalAudio Input for HDMI
GTX 780 Ti Graphics Card Dimensions:
10.5 inchesLength
4.376 inchesHeight
Thermal and Power Specs:
95 CMaximum GPU Tempurature (in C)
250 WGraphics Card Power (W)
600 WMinimum System Power Requirement (W)
One 8-pin and one 6-pin
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is the op going to post all of cex's inventory? cold for me.
Not great IMHO, you can be sure these old GPUs would be fetching maybe half this were current gpus not so overpriced. I'm all for buying a generation behind to save money but I think when you get two plus generations back and more than four years ago, you are going a bit far to still have good performance and reliability in modern games. The age of the card would worry me, yes I know about cex offering good warranty but even so with computer components you don't really want the hassle of being without a major part if you can avoid it.

Aside from that too many ppl to ignore says that Keplar (this card) performance has degraded far worse than say an equivalent AMD card like the 290X and fundamentally it aint even that cheap. All that in mind I wouldn't pay much over £100 for this...
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is the op going to post all of cex's inventory? cold for me.
You can get better cards than this brand new and cheaper !
KonsumerKing2 h, 15 m ago

You can get better cards than this brand new and cheaper !

Although I understand the essence of what you are saying, that statement is just false.

Can you get a 780ti for cheaper? Yes
Can you get a better card, brand new for cheaper? No
Would I recommend buying a 780ti from CEX? No

But for the price advertised, it's not bad - not voting either way, but I think the heat is a reflection of CEX, and not necessarily of the product and its price.
chrisdrew19854th Jan

@Garble do you work for cex ?

Definitely does.
Can't speak for CEX but the 780ti used to be a great card, however it's definitely not worth £155 if you consider how much used 970's are going for at the moment (I took a quick look at ebay and saw an MSI GTX 970 going for £165 buy it now).

The 970 is a bit slower though.

The minimum system power requirement from Nvidia for this card is also 600W. I've heard of the third party 780ti cards taking more than 600W from the wall at stock settings as well, which is equally as crazy!
£40 more you can get a 1060 3gb
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