Gu dessert range down to £2 at Tesco
Gu dessert range down to £2 at Tesco

Gu dessert range down to £2 at Tesco

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All the following Gu desserts are down to just £2 at Tesco...

(Most of the range is the cheapest you can get them but please read the 'IMPORTANT' section at the end of this post for some even more screaming bargains!)

- Gu Chocolate Melting Middles 2x100g
- Gu Zillionaire Dessert 183g
- Gu Chocolate and Vanilla Cheesecake 2x90g
- Gu Lemon Cheesecake 2x90g
- Gu Puddings Key Lime Pie 2x85g
- Gu After Dark Raspberry and White Chocolate 2x85g
- Gu Hot Chocolate Souffle 2x65g
- Gu New York Cheesecakes 2x80g
- Gu Salted Caramel Melting Middle 2x95g
- Gu Maple and Pecan Cheesecake 2x82g

Offer runs until December 30th.

- Gu After Dark Lemon Cheesecake is £1.79 at Morrisons and Ocado
- Gu Chocolate and Vanilla Cheesecake is £1.79 at Morrisons
- Gu Hot Chocolate Souffle 2x65g is £1.79 at Ocado
- Gu New York Cheesecakes is £1.79 at Ocado


Ooh thank you. I'm off to Tesco's tomorrow so shall stock up on Key Lime Pie as they are delicious!

Probably says something about me... but skimming the posts quickly I read the title as Gusset oO

Thanks for posting, image added

Tried the new maple and pecan one the other day, def recommend it.

I just got zillionaire and New York cheesecake from Tesco today

I got them at £5 for 2 last week for Sainsbury's

New York cheesecakes the nicest

Heat as their desserts are awesome, and also huge respect for going the extra mile and pointing out some of them can be found cheaper elsewhere. Top poster! (_;)
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