Guaranteed Fixed Rate Bonds up to 5 Years 5.40 % gross p.a./AER Plus 2 Years at 3.85 % gross p.a./AER*
Guaranteed Fixed Rate Bonds up to 5 Years 5.40 % gross p.a./AER Plus 2 Years at  3.85  %  gross p.a./AER*

Guaranteed Fixed Rate Bonds up to 5 Years 5.40 % gross p.a./AER Plus 2 Years at 3.85 % gross p.a./AER*

If you missed out on the Newcastle Building Society 5% then you can still get good rates if you want to tie up your money.

I know this will not be for everyone, but a good rate neverless.

Would you like a guaranteed fixed rate of return from some of your online savings?

Our new Best Buy 5 Year Online Bond offers you a great fixed rate of interest until 31st August 2014. If you are looking to fix your rate for a shorter term we also have a 2 year and a Best Buy 3 Year Online Bond that may suit your savings needs. Plus, there are no paper forms for you to compete or sign using our award-winning application process meaning that you can open an account in minutes.
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* No forms to sign with our award-winning paperless application
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Why choose Barnsley Building Society?

Barnsley Building Society is part of one of the largest building societies in the UK, Yorkshire Building Society, following the merger on 31 December 2008.

Yorkshire Building Society has 1.9 million members and 143 branches around the UK. Yorkshire Building Society also has one of the strongest capital positions of any UK bank or building society. In 2008, the Society's assets were £23bn

2 Years 3.85 % gross p.a./AER* Summary
3 Years 5.00 % gross p.a./AER* Summary
4 Years 5.15 % gross p.a./AER* Summary
5 Years 5.40 % gross p.a./AER

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I don't think it's worth locking your money away at this rate for 5 years, especially if there are 'green shoots' emerging. I think there's still an offer for 4.8% for a year which was posted on here last month, that might still be available

Agreed, locking your money at what would normally be a fairly standard rate, over a period of 5 years is, IMHO not a good move - but I'm not a fortune teller.

Better to stick with a good rate for a couple of years, and then see what rates are out there - hope in a 2 or 3 years rates will be nomalised again, and better interest rates should be out there.

It is an excellent rate - far higher than anything else on the market. Still - 5 years is a very long time and a bit of a gamble (though I wish I'd gambled on a 3 year rate this time last year - the rate then was 7.20%). For some people, to guarantee 5.40% for 5 years is great - and of course you would get this rate in each of the 5 years. At present, the best fixed rate available for a year is around 3.6%, accessible rates are far lower. This is a hot deal - but, sadly, not for me.

Hot from me but I do live in Barnsley :whistling:


Please note the Barnsley Building Society is now part of the Yorkshire Building Society which is better than what it was 12 months ago.
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