Guild Wars 2 Standard Edition £29.99 @ GraingerGames

Guild Wars 2 Standard Edition £29.99 @ GraingerGames

Found 7th Aug 2012
Not the cheapest I've ever seen but if you have held off on pre-ordering and want to order now.
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I've noticed Coolshop is £29.30 however from experience Coolshop has cancelled orders at the last minute and their customer service is **** poor this may have been a one off but I doubt it if you google them.
Another post but it is worth just paying the extra 69p you could also just reserve it in store and collect it on release which gives you that option if you have a GG near you
I bought from Coolshop, and they emailed me my pre-order code like 3 days after (think I ordered Friday, email came on Monday). So Coolshop don't seem that bad. If you didn't get the code then you should contact them. As such coolshop at the moment is the cheapest and best choice.
38.99 now
Please click expired now if you can anyone! Hope this helped.
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