Guild Wars + Eye Of The North PC
Guild Wars + Eye Of The North PC

Guild Wars + Eye Of The North PC

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This is my first deal post so please be gentle!

While I was price checking guild wars eye of the north, I came across a listing for Guild Wars + Eye Of The North PC for £8.93. This is a little weird as just buying eye of the north itself will cost you £10!

Guild Wars: Eye of the North? is the first true expansion for Guild Wars and calls players back to the continent of Tyria, the home of the original Prophecies? campaign. Players must take their existing characters and stand side-by-side with both friends and enemies from the past, recruit new allies and heroes, and delve deep into perilous dungeons to face an ancient evil. Win or lose, the players will set the stage for Guild Wars 2.

-Sweeping Storyline: Return to the battle-scarred continent of Tyria. Reunite with old friends, discover new allies, wreak vengeance on old foes, and face-off against a menace so great it threatens the very existence of the people of Tyria.
-Dungeons: Explore a sprawling underground complex of caverns that spans an entire continent. 18 multi-level dungeons filled with traps, puzzles and secret passages.
-Immortalise Your Legend: Your achievements, trophies and titles from Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall and Eye of the North will not be forgotten. Your Hall of Monuments will preserve them until your descendants can claim them in Guild Wars 2.
10 New Heroes: Enlist the aid of new races, including the Viking-like Norn, the magical Asura, and even a few surprises.
150 New Skills: Play with skills unlike anything seen in Guild Wars before, like the Light of Deldrimor, which can simultaneously detect hidden objects and smite evil foes.
40 New Armour Sets: A combination of powerful new sets and rare stand-alone pieces worthy of the great heroes of the land.

It's also on asda.com and ilovefilim.com, if you have a problem with the hut.com


my G/F plays this, she likes it alot, Hot!

Welcome to hukd

2 - 4 weeks delivery!

is this really the original game plus the expansion or simply just the branded guild wars expansion???????????:?
The + might be a mistake ?????

Just the expansion by the looks of it.

Original Poster

hmm not so hot if it is just eye of the north.

When searching using find-dvd.co.uk I clicked through the link saying,
Guild Wars: Eye of the North Expansion Pack & Prophecies bundle (PC DVD).

However the both have the same boxset even if it was just eye of the north, it's the cheapest I could find.
I believe prophecies is the original guild wars game so I don't know

I did also search on the hut.com and they list:
Guild Wars - Eye Of The North
Guild Wars + Eye Of The North

That cover is the same as my copy of Eye of the North, which is the first in the series that is not a stand-alone title. The original Guild Wars, Prophecies is need to play and does appear to be included here.

Voted hot because it's a good deal, but it is just for the Eye of the North expansion. You'll need at least one of the original Guild Wars campaigns already before you can play this.

They are:
Guild Wars Prophecies (the original)
Guild Wars Factions
Guild Wars Nightfall

I believe Nightfall is being sold in a bundle with Eye of the North, which is also a good deal. Guild Wars doesn't have any monthly fees, so is free to play once you've bought the game. You can also move characters between each of the campaigns and Eye of the North.

There's a good website at ]http//ww…nfo which has some good detailed information on the expansion.

I should really give Guild Wars another go, only played it once since I bought it 18 months ago.

Not a very good deal if you already have propecies

Sorry but I don't see something promised to be delivered within 2-4 weeks to be a real deal. During that time you could find the same thing with better price else where especially when the goods is not very rare. Voted cold.
PS: I even don't think that it's really reasonable to sell things that *might* come within 2-4 weeks like The Hut, ASDA, Choices UK, etc are doing. I can see sth in e.g. Choices UK being "stock arrives within 2-4 weeks" for nearly 2 months!!

seems like a few people play here, any chance of a HUKDeals Guild?

I used to love Prophecies when it came out, played it to death. A really good game for anyone that wants a chilled out easy to get into role playing game.

I've got 20 max titles on it now

I emailed them to figure out whether this was Guild Wars + Eye of the north or just Eye of the north. The confusing reply I got back was "The item that we have on the site is the basic guild wars." So ... that's cleared that up, then... um.
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