Guild Wars: Nightfall Collectors Edition - £17.96 Delivered
Guild Wars: Nightfall Collectors Edition - £17.96 Delivered

Guild Wars: Nightfall Collectors Edition - £17.96 Delivered

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This product is worth more than £30, I paid over £30 for this at launch. The ordinary Guild Wars: Nightfall is selling for £17.99 at Amazon. So this is a bargain!

Remember there is no monthly fees!

Collectors Edition Includes:

* Making of Guild Wars Nightfall behind-the-scenes DVD

* Collector's art book

* Collectible skill pins

* Character mini-standee

* Poster-sized map of Elona

* The Guild Wars Nightfall soundtrack CD

* and more.

Guild Wars Nightfall

When a corrupt ruler summons the power of an outcast god, it will take a band of heroes to save Elona from the creeping darkness infecting the land. In this third campaign in the award-winning Guild Wars® universe, Guild Wars Nightfall is an intimate, heroic experience that will enrapture new and existing players alike!

Every Hero has a unique tale to tell. Player actions will result in dramatic consequences. Your party becomes an extension of your character. This is Guild Wars like you've never seen before.


* Customizable Heroes (party NPCs) that level up with the player; follow player instructions in combat, and use armor, weapons, and skills at the player's discretion.

* A new game type, Hero vs. Hero Battles will allow a single player to participate in PvP with Hero NPCs.

* 2 new professions: The Dervish, a scythe-wielding holy warrior, and the Paragon, chosen by the gods as guardian angels of the Elonian people.

* 4 new guild halls.

* 300 new skills.

* 250 Quests, 55 explorable areas, 20 new Story Missions exclusive to choices made throughout the game, and 3 new Challenge Missions.

* Peerless online RPG action with no monthly fees!

Nightfall is a new stand alone campaign - there is no need to buy the 2 previous campaigns to play.

As for Factions, this new world will be connected to Tyria and Cantha and players (who already own GW prophecies and/or Factions) will be able to bring their high level characters from other campaigns to this new part of the GW world; Elona.


Thanks for this Receives excellent reviews on Amazon ;-)

I warn you now, this game will ruin your social life. And possibly your marriage.

Great game and well worth the money.

I did post ]this just before Christmas but it fell off the front page and into oblivion

Yeah, can't recommend this enough, I have all 3 parts, it's brilliantly addictive.

Wow! Thanks man I realy appreciate this! just what I was looking for!

Just ordered this as a mate at work got me into the original Guildwars a couple of months ago then gave me his "Nightfall Buddy Key" just before Xmas... Cheers!

arrived today - bang goes my social life!
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