Guild Wars: Nightfall Collectors Edition (PC) RRP £49.99 Now only £14.11 inc Delivery
Guild Wars: Nightfall Collectors Edition (PC)  RRP £49.99 Now only £14.11 inc Delivery

Guild Wars: Nightfall Collectors Edition (PC) RRP £49.99 Now only £14.11 inc Delivery

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This collectors edition has been reduced to £17.96, but by using the Amazon hellmann's code you can reduce it further to £14.11 inc delivery.

The Collectors Edition will include the Guild Wars Nightfall game as well as a Making of Guild Wars Nightfall behind-the-scenes DVD, a collectors art book, collectible skill pins, a character mini-standee, a poster-sized map of Elona, the Guild Wars Nightfall soundtrack CD, and more.

Guild Wars Nightfall takes place on the continent of Elona, Land of the Golden Sun. It is a nation comprised of three great provinces. The island province of Istan is the home of a vibrant people who live among the monuments of an ancient empire. The military province of Kourna, under the command of its great leader, Warmarshal Varesh, hugs the shores of the mighty river Elon. And in the rugged lands to the north, the Princes of Vabbi rule from their opulent citadels. Elona is a land of wealth and power, protected by its champions, the Order of the Sunspears. In Guild Wars Nightfall, Elona has fallen under the shadow of an evil, outcast god. Against the encroaching desolation of an infernal realm, the people of Elona will need more than a hero to save them, they will need a hero to lead them... for nightfall is at hand.

* Key Features:
* Customizable Heroes (party NPCs) that level up with the player
* follow player instructions in combat, and use armour, weapons, and skills at the player's discretion
* A new game type, Hero vs. Hero Battles will allow a single player to participate in PvP with Hero NPCs (henchmen)
* 2 new professions: The Dervish, a scythe-wielding holy warrior, and the Paragon, chosen by the gods as guardian angels of the Elonian people
* 4 new guild halls
* 300 new skills
* 250 Quests, 55 explorable areas, 20 new Story Missions exclusive to choices made throughout the game, and 3 new Challenge Missions
* Peerless online RPG action with no monthly fees!

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Just a note to say I received this today and what a bargain.

Glossy posters and manuals plus all the extra bits any MMORPG player would be proud to own and free trial key(s) for your Buddy's. Best of all, once you have the game there are is no monthly fees.

Even at £17.96 this is still a great deal. Go out and buy it.
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