Guild Wars: The Complete Collection @ Play £14.99
Guild Wars: The Complete Collection @ Play £14.99

Guild Wars: The Complete Collection @ Play £14.99

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I looked this up again as I'm all excited for Guild Wars 2 (huge revamp of the original, it's going to be so much better). It's the same price at amazon, and this deal was posted 9 months ago too? But it's in play's 2 for £25 deal, so if you get something else you can get this for £12.50, which works out as a great deal for hours upon hours of gameplay. (and no subscription fees, which is the greatest plus)



great game much better than WoW in my eyes.

Agreed, far better than WoW. Rewards you for using your head to come up with good builds rather than simply grinding your life away. Not a 'true' MMO though in the same way, as all the missions are instances (which means you only see all the other players in towns - when you go into areas outside, it's just you and your team, which I prefer as it means you aren't competing with other players to kill x monster to complete y quest).

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Yeah, the profession and skill customisation is leagues ahead of WoW, it's not one huge grind, but rather you travel around and level without having to kill things over and over. Quick travel was a plus too. The things I had problems with were: the private worlds and the lack of character customisation / crafting.
Guild wars 2 is fixing the little problems I had with the first one, so I'm going to jump on it as soon as it's released.

love this game thanks , great price
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