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Guild Wars 2 - Path of Fire £12.99  (Includes access to core Guild Wars 2 as well) at Guildwars Store
Found 21st JunFound 21st Jun
Guild Wars 2 - Path of Fire £12.99 (Includes access to core Guild Wars 2 as well) at Guildwars Store
£12.99£19.9935%Guild Wars Deals
Guild Wars 2 is offering their latest expansion Path of Fire for 50% off RRP Also includes access to the core Guild Wars 2 game so that's a lot of game for £12.99 as there's no mo… Read more
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Very good price for a very good game. I recommend getting the Heart of Thorns expansion too.


Great deal op! Just been trying it out the past few weeks and really enjoying it so perfect timing on this deal for me :)


Great value MMO. Similar to original GW for me though in that it didn't have the lasting appeal of other MMOs after levelling up.


Great game, they are adding stuff all the time. Mad not to at this price!


Mounts transformed the game for me, Path of Fire is 100% worth buying. The desert maps are stunning too

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns (Expansion) £17.49
Found 15th Nov 2016Found 15th Nov 2016
Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns (Expansion) £17.49
Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns is the first expansion for Guild Wars 2. Founded on the idea that the journey is the goal, the expansion continues the Guild Wars 2 tradition of chall… Read more

Bargain ;) Not a bad game and even better if you can get together with friends!

Guild Wars 2 : Heart of Thorns 50% off (£17.49) @ Guild Wars / Arena Net
Found 20th Jul 2016Found 20th Jul 2016
Guild Wars 2 : Heart of Thorns 50% off (£17.49) @ Guild Wars / Arena Net
To celebrate living story season 3 ArenaNet is having a 50% off sale of Guild wars 2 : Heart of Thorns. This includes the base game, and expansion. This comes with a free level 80… Read more
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meta is beta.


I'm surprised this expansion is still so expensive. I have GW2 and it's fun, but the expansion doesn't offer a massive amount of extra content, and from what I gather it's reception has been lukewarm to say the least. I thought its price would've plummeted.

Guildwars 2 - Free to play
Found 25th Nov 2015Found 25th Nov 2015
Guildwars 2 - Free to play
Couldn't find this posted anywhere but it is free to play and has been for a few months now. Heads up!

Yeah I noticed a few weeks back that it was F2P now. Not sure how I missed it. Played for a few mins, I'm sure it's alright for people who aren't burned out with MMOs.


Either I or he spelt it wrong, not sure what the correct spelling is to be honest but when I searched, I used guildwars 2 and results did come back, none mentioning free to play hence my post. ^^ Think the rule is your allowed to post after a month anyway, or maybe that only applies to deals, no idea!


Already posted

Guild Wars 2 Gone Free to Play (Core Game)
Found 29th Aug 2015Found 29th Aug 2015
Guild Wars 2 Gone Free to Play (Core Game)
Today Guild Wars 2 (Core Game) has become free to play! Today we’re happy to announce that the Guild Wars 2 core game is available for everyone to play for free. With Guild Wars 2… Read more
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Bought this on release but went back to wow after a few months, how is gw2 nowadays?


I actually pre ordered this, played it for a bit and didn't bother being thoroughly disappointed!


Might reinstall GW2 that I bought and barely played. Hope the game is still populated!


As some one who thoroughly enjoy GW1 & was addicted to it, I'd rather not venture close to this :!


Burnt out when I got a character to level 60 and never went back since I had no one to play with, maybe I can get some people into the game now it's free.

Guild Wars 2 75% off sale - Heroic Edition £8.74 / Digital Deluxe - £12.74 (Starts Tomorrow)
Found 9th Apr 2015Found 9th Apr 2015
Guild Wars 2 75% off sale - Heroic Edition £8.74 / Digital Deluxe - £12.74 (Starts Tomorrow)
This is more of a heads up for anybody who sees todays CDKeys Daily Deal priced at £14.99. To coincide with this announcement, starting at noon on April 10, ArenaNet’s “Ready Up” … Read more
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75% active is now active. (£8.75) or £12.50 for Deluxe (which, imo, isn't really worth the extra £4)






The credit to BurntEffigy? Only seemed fair (_;)



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Guild Wars 2 75% off - £8.74 from 4PM Friday
Found 6th Mar 2015Found 6th Mar 2015
Guild Wars 2 75% off - £8.74 from 4PM Friday
Blerb: To celebrate our WTS Finals and the first playable demo of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, we’re offering both Guild Wars 2 Digital Heroic Edition and Digital Deluxe edition … Read more

wow clone.


Actually if you change the country to other EU country (like Germany) the price goes to 10€, which is cheaper (£7.01 with PayPal exchange rate). If I buy it using an EU country would I be able to play in the same server? I have no idea about Guild Wars 2 servers, all I have read is that there is a lock server, but can't see if it is just between EU-USA servers.


yes thanks, that's right...i kind of forgot about the 'deposit materials' and 'sell junk' options that i kind-of do now without blinking and certainly do help - especially at the initial stages i have 95 slots on my main character but find i can't 'let go' of some weapons / sigils / upgrades / boosters etc. that 'might come in handy' i am just starting to get into upgrades, sigils, WvW blue prints, plus i started a bit of crafting which i intend to get back to soon so basically i have a lot of stuff that i isn't a material, but isn't junk either and i do not want to sell as it might come handy.... but that is why having the alternative characters is handy - (i just have them all in the PvP lobby) and quicker and easier to switch than GW1 I definitely have more gold now being a lvl 80 than at the beginning (as mainly was investing in the 3-4 x 20 slot bags to start within) you're right about the Gems and real money too - you don't need to spend real money at all if you don't want to which is great! i was just looking at the exchange rate of Gems for Gold and some of the most expensive items last night.. :) your post also shows how helpful the community on GW2 is :D if you ever need help, tips or want to know what to do next there is usually someone nearby (although for the first few levels seems a bit lonely)...


1. You can use the cog icon in your inventory window to access a popup menu and deposit all usable crafting items. That's separate from your bank bags, and can be accessed from your banker or crafting tables. This saves a lot of space. Other items, such as greens, blues and even whites, as well as trophy items can be salvaged for crafting items and karma/xp packs with a salvage kit from most vendors, again most of this can then be deposited into your bank's crafting tab. The crafting tab is free and pretty much unlimited for crafting materials. 2. As with any MMORPG game starting out, you're going to struggle with not having a huge amount of goods, be it crafting materials, money, armour or indeed bags. The candy corn way is great, and a quick and easy way to get to lion's arch is via the PVP tab, enter PVP map, and then use the portal out of the map to get to Lion's Arch, at the centre of the map is the festive NPC. 3. While it certainly makes it ease to purchase additional bag space, gold and even character slots with real money by buying the Gems from the store, once you're a bit higher level and the gold starts rolling in you can trade the gold for gems using the store. So you don't have to spend real money. This really is no different then how other MMORPGs work, like World of Warcraft where you need to purchase each bank slot and provide your own bag for the space too. You can buy gems in game gold that you've earned from playing, or with real money to unlock additional bank and character slots. But yeah, the game does reward you ... a bit OTT. Still, I've found it's pretty quick to break down the items and deposit them and vender the left over junk. As for PvP, in case anyone else is wondering. Your main character if you join WvW PvP doesn't really matter too much, as they outfit you with gear and let you chose from lvl 80 gear as well. Certainly for less then the cost of 1 months WoW subscription, it's an awful lot of gameplay even if you stop playing after 100 hours.... and that's so very easily done.


second thoughts, if you are an avid HUKD community member / fan then you will hate this game.... so many rewards and bargains everyday and not enough room or storage for it all... i actually spend half my 'gaming time' clearing out storage and selling non-essential stuff--(for the best possible price) -which can be a challenge in itself... if you do not heed my advice and still buy this 'hoarders nightmare of a game' - then 1) use the maximum of 5 characters for additional free storage (and use the loot bags you discard / gain from main character to bump up your alt's) and 2) buy some maximum 20 item loot bags for minimum price of around 5 - 6 gold (by buying 3 candycorn cobs on the black lion trading window and exchanging them for a 20 item loot bag (haloween pai bag) from Halloween festivity merchant in Lion's arch) - offer may be for limited time... and / or 3) spend real money for upgraded bank storage

Guild Wars 2 Official UK pricing £8.74  (or $10.00 try using VPN) standard and deluxe edition £12.74 (or $15.00 VPN)  75% off from 4pm Saturday 24th  for 40 hours
Found 23rd Jan 2015Found 23rd Jan 2015
Guild Wars 2 Official UK pricing £8.74 (or $10.00 try using VPN) standard and deluxe edition £12.74 (or $15.00 VPN) 75% off from 4pm Saturday 24th for 40 hours
This weekend only, ArenaNet will offer its online role-playing game Guild Wars 2 for a 75-percent markdown from the title's normal price. The deal will go live this Saturday, Jan… Read more
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Finally finished my download , played for around 90 minutes so far , very much like WOW in its graphics , but different in how you quest , i believe they call them events , nice graphics and very different from ESO , 2 different games in many ways :)


wow thank you to everyone that voted !!!! this only went over 500 degrees today , my first ever 500 degree deal :)


That could very well be it, I'm only level 4 and really haven't done much. I just hope I see some more people soon.


Try entering your main home city, if you haven't already,.... see how many players are in there .... maybe you were just exploring the initial 'tutorial' zone? (Think each race has its own starting zone/city... my experimental starter character is Norn)


I'm pretty sure I am on Gunnars Hold and I was playing between 10 and half 11 last night. Maybe I was just in the wrong area.

Guildwars 2 Heroic Edition £17.49, Deluxe £24.99 @
Found 27th Nov 2014Found 27th Nov 2014
Guildwars 2 Heroic Edition £17.49, Deluxe £24.99 @
"This holiday season, from November 26 to December 7, we’re chopping the price of the Guild Wars 2 Digital Heroic Edition and Digital Deluxe Edition in half*! Now is the perfect ti… Read more


Guild Wars 2 50% off - BACK ON - £17.49
Found 30th Oct 2014Found 30th Oct 2014
Guild Wars 2 50% off - BACK ON - £17.49
I know this deal goes on and off quite regularly, but thought it was worth mentioning that it's back on sale again! I was looking for a copy myself less than a week ago and it was… Read more
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Well worth £17.49

50% off Guild Wars 2 Now £17.49 (free trial too)
Found 26th Sep 2014Found 26th Sep 2014
50% off Guild Wars 2 Now £17.49 (free trial too)
£17.49 for the Digital Heroic Edition and £24.99 for the Digital Deluxe Edition. Link to free trial:

Sale is back on, if anyone is interested.


Its finished..


Those comments may apply to Guild Wars 1 but this deal is for Guild Wars 2, a completely different situation. The best MMO by far and millions of active players


loved it in the beggining but as others said it there is no real end game. Wolrd vs Wolrd vs Wolrd is I gues the end game, but it's unbalanced and very laggy (because Anet are to cheap to buy proper servers). Your server fights 2 other servers, but the match-up are broken (you end up fighting the same servers over and over again), laggy and unbalanced. It's worth buying, fun game, but it will be infuriating at the end to see that they didn't pay attention to end game.


Props for the MMO not being subscription based.

Guild Wars 2 Free Trial Week begins September 25
Found 24th Sep 2014Found 24th Sep 2014
Guild Wars 2 Free Trial Week begins September 25
For a limited time, play Guild Wars 2 for free and experience why Guild Wars 2 is the fastest selling MMO in history!* The free trial begins at 12 a.m. PDT September 25, 2014 and e… Read more
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NIce find. Will give this a try. I am still playing through all the expansions for the first GW. And Aion. And WoW. And Rift. And Fallen Earth. Life, need to add one to the shopping list.


Dam! started downloading this last night only got to 20% will need to leave it on tonight lol


Cool. Works with existing accounts now as well, remember trying last time and didn't work.


For a limited time, play Guild Wars 2 for free and experience why Guild Wars 2 is the fastest selling MMO in history!* The free trial begins at 12 a.m. PDT September 25, 2014 and ends at 11:59 p.m. PDT October 1, 2014. We’ve opened up free trial account registration, so you can create an account now, download the game, and get ready to explore the world of Tyria on September 25! If you participated in an earlier Guild Wars 2 free trial, you’re invited and your existing account will work for this trial too. Download the game now! Have a question about the Guild Wars 2 free trial? Visit our Support Site.

Guild Wars 2, Half price till 28th August £17.49 @ Guild War's shop
Found 14th Aug 2014Found 14th Aug 2014
Guild Wars 2, Half price till 28th August £17.49 @ Guild War's shop
Seems to be 1/2 price again. "Heroic Edition" - £17.49, "Digitial Delux" - £24.99 Major "Features Pack" coming on the 9th Sept. Worth getting till the WoW expansion comes out
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Good deal this, had forgotten I bought this at launch and fired it up today. Not played it on my upgraded machine before, and with everything up full the game looks amazing, and the servers still seem busy as ever.


It lacks a decent loot system IMO


I really liked this game at first but found it boring once i leveled up and mapped everything. I had many leather bound books in gw1 and never found my grinding ocd in gw 2


Yes I agree it is more limiting, still think looped q counts as an auto attack since you can just stand there and it'll do the work haha.


Very good game, good price.

Guild wars 2 Digital Heroic Edition £17.49
Found 25th Jun 2014Found 25th Jun 2014
Guild wars 2 Digital Heroic Edition £17.49
I have been looking for this to come down in price , not sure if it's a good price but it's 50% off . I used to play world of Warcraft but I hated paying £7.99 a month to play it. … Read more
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Its a fun enough game to get to cap, but after that, if you're playing on your own, it becomes woefully dull. Some of the living world stuff has been fun, but i really lost interest after getting to end game. Worth a play through for under £20 though.


lol, i agree it eats up the hours of your day !


Tempted but I have too many games to play already and this type of game is a life stealer.


Your welcome and if you ever have any questions then give us a shout ;)


thankyou big flump, i was using my ipad so didnt see the edit button, i see it on my pc :-)

Guild Wars 2 Heroic Edition £17.49/Deluxe Edition £24.99
Found 2nd May 2014Found 2nd May 2014
Guild Wars 2 Heroic Edition £17.49/Deluxe Edition £24.99
For a limited time only we’re slashing the price of Guild Wars 2 in half! From May 2 to May 11, save a massive 50% on Guild Wars 2 – our lowest price ever. Visit… Read more
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thanks ordered


Great Price (: And fun game too


Buy it, hot !! Logging on now for some WvW action :)


been playing ESO as my first experience of MMO and have grabbed this based on the non-monthly subscription...


so easy to get addicted to this game

Guild Wars 2 Digital Heroic Edition £17.49, Digital Deluxe Edition £24.99 (PC) @ GuildWars2
Found 3rd Apr 2014Found 3rd Apr 2014
Guild Wars 2 Digital Heroic Edition £17.49, Digital Deluxe Edition £24.99 (PC) @ GuildWars2
Guild Wars 2 Digital Heroic Edition £17.49: Guild Wars 2 game Suit of Legacy Armor* Mithril Box* Use this Mithril Box to expand your inventory by an extra 18 slots. 10 Experience … Read more

choose your home world desolation!!!


I agree completely! Guild wars 1 was my first proper mmo and over the years I logged about 1300 hours on it when I was a teenager so I was very excited for guild wars 2 and built a pc especially for it but after about 100 hours I got bored too. No secondary class to mix up skills and a huge lack of skills and elite skills as well as no group missions and lack of end game content. Such a shame as first one was so epic!


I have the original and all the expansions, really liked it I bought GW2 and got bored really quickly Some reasons: no cross builds (eg: warrior/monk) ranged attacks while wielding a sword abilities based on the weapon(s) you are holding I was reading that there is a new patch coming soon and a that lot of content is added every now and then so it might be worth trying again. :| It's not really that much like the original but I guess it is all down to personal preference.


it only costs to change the world if you have a character, you can delete your character if you tried a world and dont like it and transfer for free. Also world choice is becoming less relevant on the 15th of april update where maps will no longer be based on server choice


Game is too good. can't stop playing it! choose your home world wisely though as it costs to change.

Guild Wars 2 40% off  Digital Heroic/Deluxe Edition - £20.99 @ Guild Wars site
Found 20th Dec 2013Found 20th Dec 2013
Guild Wars 2 40% off Digital Heroic/Deluxe Edition - £20.99 @ Guild Wars site
£29.99 for Digital Deluxe version. This game is like Starcraft in the sense that it rarely comes down in price. For this game it seems the Christmas sale is a great time to pick … Read more
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A stunning game that has been critically and commercially acclaimed, is very regularly updated, has no monthly subscription fee and listed here for a very nice price = HEAT!


I have an account somewhere I hardly played bought when it first came out think I played it a month and got bored with it not that its a bad game think I am just sick of the whole mmo scene in general. Think I might try and sell it. Voted hot

GW2 Heroic Edition @ guildwars official site - £20.99
Found 2nd Dec 2013Found 2nd Dec 2013
GW2 Heroic Edition @ guildwars official site - £20.99
Got a lot of heat last time this deal was on so I thought that I would post again. Please bear in mind that this is the heroic edition which usually costs more than the standard ed… Read more

That's because this deal is expired.


this does not seem to work when i goto deal its asking for 39.99 for download version


great!! time to try it out!!


good price. might give it a go finally.


great game for the money, so much to do in it

GW2 £20.99 Digital Download Today (27/10/13) Only
Found 27th Oct 2013Found 27th Oct 2013
GW2 £20.99 Digital Download Today (27/10/13) Only
Great game, play it how you want and if you feel like you are grinding, you're doing it wrong :)
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Guild Wars 2 Heroic Edition - £20.99 Sunday only direct from Guild Wars (online)
Found 20th Oct 2013Found 20th Oct 2013
Guild Wars 2 Heroic Edition - £20.99 Sunday only direct from Guild Wars (online)
Not quite as cheap as it was previously at Amazon, and £1 more than the CD Keys deal posted a few weeks ago, but in case you want the reassurance of buying direct from Guild Wars t… Read more

Is it just me or did anyone else find there was no option for UK in the country selection???? Cant buy it because I cant pick the country


Will it play on a Mac mini 2011 intel


I agree its pretty non-beginner friendly - If I hadn't played WoW before it would've been much harder as there isn't much guidance. I'm only Lv11 just now and the lack of direction for quest chains etc is a bit frustrating but that aside it seems a good compromise.


Terrible controls and lack of decent tutorials make this game very frustrating in the beginning! The control mode mod sorts out the controls though and once you've read the wiki to work out what you're supposed to do through lack of direction in the game, it is a pretty decent game. Hot Deal although the Heroic edition is pointless. You get a few XP boosters and an armour "skin"!


Exactly. The main factor in WoW being addictive is the fact that monthly fee's make you feel compelled to get the most out of it. Guild Wars is so much more accessible and has no commitments.