Guilty Gear Core @ gameplay £4.99 for Wii BACK IN STOCK

Guilty Gear Core @ gameplay £4.99 for Wii BACK IN STOCK

Found 23rd Jul 2008Made hot 23rd Jul 2008
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Street price: £39.99
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Category: Beat em up
Age: 12 Years and above
Publisher: 505 Game Street


this game any good?

got mine for £2.99

I got this last time it was in stock @ £4.99, it is a superb beat em up, and fans on the Neo Geo days(samurai showdown, art of fighting etc..) will love it, die hard Street Fighter only fans will say its a bit meh, but agree its a steal at the price.

Played it on PSP and it's quite good.

returned this unopened to CEX, £5 cash or £8 trade, chose the trade.

11% Quidco!


this game any good?

This game is good but I would only recommend this to anyone who is familiar with the Guilty Gear series and played the previous versions on the PS1 and PS2.

gd price, make gd gifts also


i sold over 50 to cex for £13 lol each lol


i sold over 50 to cex for £13 lol each lol

Lucky you
By the time I received my six they dropped the trade in price to £8 but still made a couple of quid and got Battlefield bad company and uncharted on the PS3 with the credit

Good way to get the games you want at a cheaper price by picking cheap games up and trading them in, only downside with CEX is their goods are slightly expensive on some things. I also got Genji on PS3 for £3.47 in PC World and got £7 store credit in CEX

probably explains why i see so many copies of certain games when i pop into my local cex store!

pricing mismatches must cost them a lot of money - made this hot and will be buying too.


i sold them to them before i had them lol

Thanks OP. Ordered a copy for the XMAS stocking fillier. :santa:
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