Guinness 10 Pack (fridge pack) for £5.00
Guinness 10 Pack (fridge pack) for £5.00

Guinness 10 Pack (fridge pack) for £5.00

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My local Tesco (Clowne) have reduced 10 packs of guiness to £5.00, these were the packs on the promotional stand where they were selling T-Shirts.

Its not on the website so in store only.

Again if you have a NOTW voucher makes them even cheaper



You mean someone in Clowne drinks something other than cheap cider or special brew?:p JUst kidding, good to see someone else from the (sort of Chezzie) area on here!

ive sent my dad for some so hoping this is nationwide offer, not just limited stores. Will soon find out I'm sure.

Has anyone else had any luck in stores other than that mentioned in the posting?

Heat added, thankyou.

What is the best before date on the Guinness?

Original Poster

Its dated 01/04/09 infact I'm going back out to see if theres any left


Sold out in Skegness but offer is on until 9th of September so is Nationwide.

Happy Guinnessing!!

offer not on at my local 24h tesco :? , wil have a look at the other tesco tomorrow.


Absolute bargain. Was about to post this offer but someone else has got there already. Anyway voted hot. Never been able to buy Guinness Draught this cheap previously.

Think that Tesco must be discontinuing the 10-Pack of Guinness Draught Fridge Pack selling at this price. Thought that the 18-pack of Guinness Draught that expired 2-days ago that was selling for something like £15.99 as opposed to £21.99 (or thereabout's) was a bargain but this is even better.

There were 12-packs nearby these for three times the price.

I love Guiness... but only out of a tap!

Still voted hot as it's a great price and I'm sure someone out there likes this stuff!

Good price. Nice one. I hope my local Tesco has some for me for the weekend.
Voted Hot.
Agree with PoisonJam though - much better on tap, but for that price you can't go wrong!!!

Great price.
Not in my local Tesco:( so had to make do with 45 cans of Fosters for £20 from Sainsburys:)

This looks like it might be national.

I got some of these packs from Tesco Gloucester Brockworth on my way home tonight - really cheap, when you consider they have the 12-packs for £14.99 on the booze aisle

They're NOT on the alcohol aisle in Gloucester, they're on the end of one of the rows of fridges near the fruit and veg - so it might be worth having a good look around your local stores in case they're somewhere just as random there ..

Thats at least 2 of us on here from Clowne then.

:thumbsup:instore this moning southend branch ,had 2 cheers:thumbsup:

Got 60 cans last night in Altrincham, none in Baguley though.
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