Guinness 4pct - £2 in-store @ Iceland
Guinness 4pct - £2 in-store @ Iceland

Guinness 4pct - £2 in-store @ Iceland

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Iceland have got 4pck of guinness draught on clearance at £2.00 for a 4 pck I don't know if this is nationwide.

If this has been posted, sorry I have checked but couldn't see this offer!


What are pcts? (Too early in the morning)

I'll assume it means packets or packs.

What kind of guinness is it?


What are pcts? (Too early in the morning)

Was thinking that myself, so i went a-googling!

pct can stand for:
Porphyria Cutanea Tarda
Pest Control Technology
Princeton, NJ, USA (airport code)
Pacific Coast Time
Paranoid Conspiracy Theorist(s)
Peak Cladding Temperature
Polychlorinated Triphenyls
Polycyclohexylene Terephthalate
Postcoital Test

Hope that clears it up for you! :thumbsup:

Good,...nay,GREAT price if it's 4 cans of draught.
P-ing down with rain here,or i'd be out to have a look.
Be even better if it was Guinness Foreing Extra - 7.2% - got some yesterday from Sainsburys - on offer.

Added "£2 in-store @ Iceland" to title - please try to make titles a bit more informative so people know what is in the thread. Thanks!

I prefer a nice cold packet of Strongbow personally but thanks for sharing anyway

We only buy draught, good deal if it is!

Original Poster

Sorry not used to putting things on this site.

I meant Guinness Draught and there was loads yesterday, and I meant packs sorry for confusion
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