Guinness - 76p per pint at Asda

Guinness - 76p per pint at Asda

Found 29th Feb 2008
Asda have a number of beers on 2 for £16 offer.

The standout is Guinness Stout, 15 X 400ml cans. This means 30 cans for £16 = 53p per can, 76p per pint, £1.33 per litre.

The full list is:

Becks Lager - 20 X 275 bottles - £10.00

Stella Artois - 20 X 284ml bottles - 10.00

Carling Lager - 18 X 440ml cans - £10.00

Carlsberg Lager 18 X 440ml cans - £10.00

Boddingtons Draught bitter - 18 x 440ml cans - £10.00

John Smith's Extra smooth bitter - 18 x 440mlcans - £10.00

Guinness Stout - 15 X 400ml cans - £14.47

Magners Cider 6 X 750ml bottles - 10.00

Strongbow Cider - 18 X 440ml cans - £10.00



its funny how they do 400ml cans when all others are 400ml , same sometimes with the bottles when you get 300ml instead of 300ml
10% less

Don't get it!!!!
400 ml or 400ml
300ml or 300 ml
Ain't that the same???

440 ml or 400ml
330ml or 300 ml

yes thats true and cases stop being 24 cans now down to 18 or less

Original Poster

The comments about cans sizes and number of cans in a pack are fair enough, but that's why I emphasised the price per pint, rather than the more confusing price per can.

Just to be clear, this price of 76p per pint for cans of Draught Guinness easily beats the best offers from the opposition:

Sainsbury's - £1.07 per pint (10 x 530ml cans, 2 for £20 = £1.07 per pint, £1.89 per litre).

Tesco - £1.07 per pint (12 x 440ml cans, £10 = £1.07 per pint, £1.89 per litre).

Ocado - £1.10 per pint (18 x 440ml cans, £15.29 = £1.10 per pint, £1.93 per litre)

I'm not sure about Morrisons though.

In fact, it looks like this offer might have been a mistake on Asda's part, as they seem to have withdrawn it. Now, the 15 x 400ml cans are just price at £10 with no multibuy offer. At 95p per pint, this still beats the opposition .


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There is a new quirk on the Asda website.

John Smith's Original Bitter packs of 12 x 440ml cans are £7.94. However, they are also part of a 3 for £5 offer for Collection 2000 eye make up.

I've no idea if they'll honour it, but 36 cans for £5 would be a very good price.


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For anyone who drinks it, Tesco have the best current offer for cans of Draught Guinness.

12 x 440ml cans are £10 each or 2 for £16.

This works out at 67p per can / 86p per pint / £1.52 per litre.

The offer runs until 11/03/08. Obviously, there are plenty of discount codes for Tesco online shopping knocking around now, so the price can be brought down quite a bit further.

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