Guitar Hero 3 for PS2 with guitar - £29.99 delivered

Guitar Hero 3 for PS2 with guitar - £29.99 delivered

Found 30th Apr 2008
Choices UK have knocked £20 off the RRP just because the box is damaged. As if that matters!


dont know if its just on xbox but i have had nothing but trouble with the new guitar as have many other people but still bargain price.

Where have all these damaged boxes suddenly materialised from?
Looks a good deal as the guitar is pretty robust and the surrounding packaging would certainly have kept it safe.

Be warned that a lot of these 'damaged box' products are actually customer returns - my GH3 for PS3 came yesterday, and was basically second hand - box ripped up, stickers applied to guitar, nothing bagged, fingerprints on disc. It all still worked OK, and I will keep it, but I have to say that I was disappointed.

Have a look ]here for some more feedback regarding the damaged box PS3 version - some seemed fine, but some were not. Just bear it in mind when ordering............

hot, and don't forget quidco :w00t:

hello, excellent find. also i have just looked on the website and they have guitar hero 2 with damaged box for £24.99

got mine and it's in perfect condition apart from a tear on the box, great stuff
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