Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock - Guitar Bundle (PS3) at Asda

Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock - Guitar Bundle (PS3) at Asda

Found 26th Aug 2009Made hot 27th Aug 2009
I was in my local (Linwood, Paisley) asda and they had loads of Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock - Guitar Bundles on PS3 for £29 and £19 on PS2. They also had the World Tour Bundle for £50 on PS3 and £35 on PS2. I would imagine that this was a store wide promotion and not a mis-price.


What store was ur local?

Nice prices if you can get them in ur local.

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Linwood, Paisley

did they have the xbox 360 version too?

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I didn't see the Xbox 360 version. Sorry.


Linwood, Paisley

Ooh Interesting... I wasn't expecting you to say the Glasgow area there so makes the deal seem closer to my grasp!

Thanks, hot btw!

edit: The original Post of the deal doesn't have ur location but subsequent posts do so I shouldn't have been surprised at all ;-)

wonder if this is online too?

already been posted by me couple weeks ago, but still hot .…3-g

A number of Morrisons still seem to have the PS2 GH3 + 2 wireless Guitars for 27.99 deal on (just a normal PS2 game box in the store display with a small sticker indicating that you also get the controllers bund)led.
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