Guitar Hero 3 XBOX 360 £51.99 or £41.59 if you ask for the 20% discount offer

Guitar Hero 3 XBOX 360 £51.99 or £41.59 if you ask for the 20% discount offer

Found 4th Dec 2007
Went into Sainsburys today I asked if they had Guitar Hero 3 for the XBOX 360 with the guitar as none on the shelf.

After waiting a bit the guy from DVD and video came and had a look for me after waiting again he came back to me and said he had put it by the customer service desk and it was £51.99.

Then as paying asked if the discount on games had been added the lady said it hadn't asked her manager who told her to add it no problem.

Voila guitar hero 3 for £41.59 with guitar. My nephew will be well chuffed.


anyone know a Sainsburys in the West Midlands that actually have this in stock for the wii? Phoned round a couple tonight but no stock :*(

Mumjit... can you please put the phone numbers of the Sainsbury stores in the West Mids that sell entertainment stuff......



Is this 20% thing nationwide?

Yes it is..

Just went to my Local branch where they had it for 64.99, and with the 20% discount, it's £51.98. Looks like you where lucky and got the discount twice by mistake. That's assuming that all stores sell it for the same price.
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