Guitar Hero 4 World Tour game and guitar controller PS3 / Xbox 360 - £59.99 @ HMV

Guitar Hero 4 World Tour game and guitar controller PS3 / Xbox 360 - £59.99 @ HMV

Found 23rd Dec 2008
went to hmv oxford street today to get guitar hero, legends of rock and seen on the front window a poster advertising worl tour with guitar bundle for £59.99 for the xbox 360 and ps3.
seen the world tour bundle for ps3 for £59.99 instore, couldnt fiind the xbox version tho.
dunno wich games is better, legends of rock or world tour, which one is a better deal?
the £35 or £60 one?
u can buy the ps3 version online at hmv also for £59.99.


Surely the £34.25 (after VAT refund) deal for Guitar Hero 3!! Is not Guitar Hero World Tour just a bunch of new songs + guitar?

If you just want to play with 2 guitars then get GH3, although a lot of GH purists defected to Rock Band with Harmonix, (the original developer of GH1/2).

GH3 can only use 2 guitars.
Both GHWT & RB1/2 bundles have the ability to utilise 2 guitars, mic & drumkit, although GHWT has an extra cymbal on their drumkit.

If you want to add other instruments in the future then GHWT is the way to go. GHWT has a music 'store' where you can d/load other peoples uploaded creations for free, but they (Activision) will be removing unofficial versions of copyrighted songs. RockBand does not.

Mind you Rock Band has a very similar tracklist to GH3, plus for a fee (approx £5), you can unlock all your RB1 songs to RB2, if you own (or hire) RB1, currently GHWT does not allow this.

Both GH3/WT & RB1/2 have paid for downloadable content. Each publisher now claims their games instruments should be compatible with the other, & according to the interwebs, are a matter of personal preference.
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