Guitar Hero 5 Super Bundle £1.99 del @

Guitar Hero 5 Super Bundle £1.99 del @

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ordered.....quick expire the link so they might honour the

Well worth a try - ordered, but prepared for it to be cancelled! Good spot!

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OOS now:D lets hope they honor there price maybe they jst had 3 they couldnt shift! old stock or something

out of stock after 3 of us ordered....could be the deal of the season.....

Out of stock!

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ye and people who missed out will vote "cold" out of envy ^-^ even thou it is a "hot deal" for us and it takes mods ages to expire things
not like i knew they only had 3 or anything.
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i ordered, hope i get it

fingers crossed!

how many of us ordered?

Ordered thanks
Status saying..... We are currently processing your item.

ordered too!!! got it on basket, let's see what happens fingers cross

I ordered 2 - yeh, selfish biatch I am!!

so not 3 then? about 10 haha

post back here if you get it

then post again if you can play higher than beginner

i can already play on hard/expert

I can't play expert - thats way hard lol


Haha, good luck you guys

Haha deal of the year if it comes off for you guys.

Awaiting Despatch, I don't want to get too excited but it's looking good.

very good deal but awaiting despatch is not always a good sign with
I bought past few weeks around 20 blu-rays and only 4 were shipped so far so you can judge (all of them are in awaiting despatch - status)

Mine awaiting too - am a little excited :-)

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cud of made few quid for xmas if i kept it quite oh well call me santa284 :-)

if they honour it i will send you a xmas card :-)

I managed to order one about 8am this morning. It's still in processing stage though. Fingers crossed.

Now oos again.
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if they honour it i will send you a xmas card :-)

I'll do the same lol

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any 1 had any more news

still saying awaiting despatch...which to me means they may be waiting on stock before they ship...but if it takes too long then they will cancel

Still nothing, should I contact them?

give it til the end of the week.......

still awaiting despatch...still saying out of stock...but is now on site priced at £ opinion is DO NOT contact them and just see if they send it out..they CANNOT charge you that £44-99 price as that is not what you bought it for....last resort is they will cancel your wait and see.....

I ordered dj hero 2 and been dispatch today price was 1.99 as well


I ordered dj hero 2 and been dispatch today price was 1.99 as well

nice one.....could be a promising sign

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nice one.....could be a promising sign

got refunded earlyier today


got refunded earlyier today

refunded for djhero or for rockband

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the guitar hero :P

mines still awaiting despatch........never know

I am still waiting - I think I have lost hope now! Mine still says 'awaiting dispatch!

cancelled sent off an email telling them how dissappointing their company was in trolling websites getting customers then not honouring the deals....b******

Same here - hey ho - was worth try
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