Guitar Hero III Replacement Disc Program for Wii
Guitar Hero III Replacement Disc Program for Wii

Guitar Hero III Replacement Disc Program for Wii

For Everyone with a copy of Guitar Hero 3 Wii Edition. They've finally sorted out the replacement discs to sort out the Dolby Sound issue. The Disc can be replaced via this website:

This is linked on the Activision Europe Support Forum, if you want to check the validity!

If you follow the instructions it prints out a postage paid label to send your disc to (goes to Holland!)

This is my first Deal Thread so please be kind!


cool well done

Just registered, don't mind being without my disk for a few days as Mario Kart will be here Friday.

Once you have registered, we will email you a pre-paid postage label addressed to our Replacement Centre . Please attach that label to a bubble envelope, place your Guitar Hero® III: Legends of Rock WII game disc inside the envelope, and then drop the envelope into a post box. Please do not send any packaging from the original Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock WII game. Please only send the game disc

Can you just send the disc or do you have to send the dvd case also ?

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zeus - Just send the disc on its own - Just like the pictures on the printout - I put mine in a cd sleeve just to be on the safe side but I don't think that was required! I'll copy the photos on in a minute!


Got it. Just clicked on the link and saw it. I thing i will put mine in a sleeve also. Probably the best thing to do.

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]The Pictures with the following instructions
Dear Customer,
This service is free of charge (postage paid). After carefully reading the instructions below, please print the label for your return shipment.
Please pack your Guitar Hero III Wii disc carefully, preferably in a bubble envelope.
Please make sure there is NEVER more than 1 (one) Guitar Hero III Wii disc in an envelope. If you include any other item in the envelope it will be rejected by the system and will not be processed. If you have to return more than one product, please ensure that you request more than one label (each shipment will have its own unique label).
The label should be attached to the outside of the envelope and the barcode clearly visible. Please post your envelope in the normal manner, either at a post box, post-office or any other post drop-off point.
This service and all postage is free of charge.
Thank you
Activision Customer Support

Hope that helps, zeus!

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Ah you beat me to it! Nevermind, nice one zeus!

Just FYI, Activision are quoting 3 to 6 weeks for the turnaround on the new disc if asked, which is pretty dismal in my opinion. Still, at least we finally got a replacement program at all...

Well if you've a modified Wii you don't mind the 3-6 week wait :whistling: :whistling:

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With Mario Kart out this week and Wii Fit out in ~2weeks I can wait for for guitar hero to get back to me! Agreed its still annoying thou! Americans get the replacement discs quicker - but we get Mario Kart sooner - I know what I prefer!

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Well if you've a modified Wii you don't mind the 3-6 week wait … Well if you've a modified Wii you don't mind the 3-6 week wait :whistling: :whistling:

Wish I had 1 now!:thumbsup:

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Just posted mine - just have to see how quick the turn around is!

Mines going out in the morning

Thanks sending mine tomorrow

at the risk of sounding pretty stupid, do I have to return my son's Guitar Hero disc for a replacement? He hasn't mentioned a sound problem so I don't know if it is a universal problem with the game or not.:oops:

its a universal problem
its only in mono not dolby stereo


its a universal problemits only in mono not dolby stereo

thank you jasonrat. I have now registered for a replacement. it should be great in stereo, thought it was good already!

Thanks guys, can't wait. Heat added.

Not a deal though is it.

Thanks for the headsup on this... will be sending mine back 2moro

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Been waiting for this for ages - just wanted to share the joy of stereo!:-D

Its a much better game in stereo, and mario kart is ace lol.

Do these go out via recorded delivery?

Does not look so - It is going to Holland. I would suggest getting a Certificate of Posting, in case it goes missing (esp. as your return address is not in the package - it must be handled by having a unique bar-code for each person.)

What was wrong with the original disk? - mine seemed to work fine??

It's only in mono....not Dolby Stereo

Ah! - Cheers, that was clever off them.

Sent mine off this morning



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Thanks JB!:thumbsup:

I only got my Guitar Hero III yesterday (from Game). Should that have the correct disk? Is there any way of telling?


Just phoned activison. This is how to tell if you have the fixed version..

How do I tell the difference between the original and the re-mastered Guitar Hero III Wii game discs?

Discussion Thread

Activision's re-mastered disc of Guitar Hero® III: Legends of Rock for the Wii with improved audio output should now be in broad distribution to retailers nationwide. Therefore, if you purchase a copy of Guitar Hero® III: Legends of Rock for the Wii in April or any later month, and the box contains the Dolby Pro Logic II logo then there is a very high likelihood that it is the re-mastered game.

However, to distinguish the re-mastered version from the original, Activision has placed a star above the Activision logo on the front label of the game disc. If you are unsure as to whether or not your game has Dolby Pro Logic II audio capabilities, please click here to see a photo of the re-master disc label. activision.custhelp.com/rnt…jpg

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nice one arndale! was wondering how to tell the difference!

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Update: Just got this email from Activision - 9 days after sending....

This is to confirm that we have received your envelope.

We’re checking its contents and if it contains your Guitar Hero III Wii disc then we’ll post you your free replacement disc shortly. Your replacement disc should reach you within approximately four weeks, subject to local post.

As soon as we’ve checked your envelope we’ll send you another email to confirm that its on its way.

Kind regards

Activision Customer Support

i recieved the same email

getting worried now as I sent the disc off in the jiffy bag with paperwork and haven't heard a darn thing since, that was on 18th April. I sent them an email and it bounced back undelivered. oh no ..... has anyone had a replacement disc yet and if so what do you think i should do?

Just had an email to say my disc has been despatched! :w00t: It will take approx 4 weeks...

This to confirm your Guitar Hero III Wii replacement disc has been posted to you.
It should reach you within approximately 4 weeks, subject to local post.
Kind regards
Activision Customer Support

hurrah - got an email today to say disc received. phew, i was getting worried!
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