guitar hero live (ps4/xbox one) only £29.99 @ Sainsburys instore.

guitar hero live (ps4/xbox one) only £29.99 @ Sainsburys instore.

Found 26th May 2016
Spotted this today whilst doing the bi-weekly shop. Great value for an enjoyable game especially considering it comes with the guitar. Available nationwide (found in Sainsburys ballymena store).
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To Sainsburys I go
Great deal, picked this up a month back for £39.99 and thought I was laughing then!
Few copies on the shelf at this price yesterday in Southampton Portswood. Resisting the temptation... for now!
tempting played these games over friends house but never had it myself
Nice, heat. Resisting though oO
Cracking deal! I'll be checking Sainsburys in the morning. Shame Amazon won't drop their price to match!
Purchased for 35 a while ago. Hoping to relive the glory days of guitar hero 3. Boring bland presentation, lacklustre track list, sad to say wish I hadn't bothered.
It's a good price, but a *really* bad game - My whole household are guitar hero fans, but this was a poor relations of the older titles.
I'm waiting for £ really I actually am and know it will get there about 2 weeks before or after they fire the whole studio.
thanks everyone. I know what you mean, guitar hero 3 will always be my favourite
Cheers op, biting point for me. Will check out my local branch now.
I'm pretty sure that the Warrington store had these in the other night as my lad pointed it out...
Couldn't resist sending the wife for this - She had to ask as there were only Xbox ones on the shelf but they had some in the back so thats my week off next week ruined!
For anyone interested this is still available. Picked up for £30 Xbox One in Sunderland.
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