Guitar Hero Metallica Solo Guitar set £39.99 collect in-store or £45.81 delivered PS3, XBox & Wii
Guitar Hero Metallica Solo Guitar set £39.99 collect in-store or £45.81 delivered PS3, XBox & Wii

Guitar Hero Metallica Solo Guitar set £39.99 collect in-store or £45.81 delivered PS3, XBox & Wii

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Guitar Hero Metallica Solo Guitar available for Wii, XBox & PS3. Buy on-line for £45.81 or collect in store for £39.99.









Great price for these. I picked up the XBox 360 version at the Maybury Road, Edinburgh branch.
They still had a few on display.

nice in stock to!

awesome heat from me

nice find

The Oldham store has no 360, 4 wiis and a few ps3 versions left. They also have a stack of GH:WT at £40 too. The stickers say £79.99 but it IS £39.99. I should have gone around to PCWorld and price matched +10% :-( I don't really like metallica but £40 for the game AND guitar is a bargain!

The first guitar hero that is worth buying. Yes. :thumbsup:


None in stock near me on any format - typical

Thanks just reserved 1. Just need to get the complete band now on xbox.
Any deals to be found?


[SIZE="1"]*if you can find it in stock anywhere... [/SIZE]

I bought one in the dundee store for the Ps3 and its now out of stock but the there is still stock in Perth and Kirkcaldy according to the website.

Is this guitar the same as the one from GH World Tour?

I need a Guitar for Wii that is compatible with GH and Rock Band! joystiq.com/Ins…ix/

Stoopid stock checker not working!!!

I notice they've also got Guitar Hero World Tour with a guitar for the same price. In peoples opinion, which would be the better one to buy??

i only bought world tour for the tool songs but some other catchy ones. personally prefer greatest hits to world tour as the songs are better for drumming! but anyway, i may well go for the metallica kit here as it'l have awesome guitar/drum parts, it'll be addictive! dont need the guitar tho, anyone ever traded into cex?

360 version is collect at store only


...anyone ever traded into cex?

I traded a Les Paul Wii controller in earlier this year as we have the World Tour band guitars. Got £25 for it, which meant the game had only cost me a tenner!

Awesome deal. Got mine today from DERBY store.

Got mine but the tilt sensor in the guitar doesn't work properly. I have to tilt it down to activate star power instead of up (I have not got lefty flip on).
Will take it back and hopefully get it exchanged for a working one.

Great deal, for once in stock at my local store and none of the others around me! Thanks OP. Voted hot.

Excellent deal. I've been looking to for this so my wife can buy it me for Christmas
Bought from Farnborough store.
Heat & Rep. added.
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