Guitar Hero on Tour Decades Bundle  - DS only £9.99 delivered @ Choices!

Guitar Hero on Tour Decades Bundle - DS only £9.99 delivered @ Choices!

Found 25th Mar 2010
Including Guitar adaptor, stickers, carry case!

Following on the success of the Nintendo DS original, Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades seeks to add a few more rocking tracks to the handheld so you can continue to shred that touchscreen like a mad man. This edition takes your inner rockstar on a journey throughout the ages, as you strum along to classic rock 'n roll tracks from the 1970s to the present day. The new tracklist features 28 master recordings from the original artists, and are as varied as the decades they represent - from emo band Fall Out Boy's "The Take Over, The Breaks Over" to solo guitarist Joe Satriani's "Satch Boogie" and back to Blondie's classic "One Way Or Another". "La Bamba" even features as a track, which will certainly satisfy Los Lobos fans the world over. Other classic songs include hits from REM, Foo Fighters, Queen and Smashing Pumpkins. Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades is also compatible with its predecessor, meaning that you can enjoy the guitar grip peripheral despite the other improvements in this game. Alongside the new library of music, there are new characters alongside improved ones, better venues to play within and an updated user interface to make it easier than ever to enjoy rocking out. If you're looking for some extra Guitar Hero on the move, this will certainly suit your needs.

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