Guitar Hero: Van Halen (Software Only) £19.98 360/PS3 delivered @ Game + Quidco + Reward points

Guitar Hero: Van Halen (Software Only) £19.98 360/PS3 delivered @ Game + Quidco + Reward points

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Found 25th Mar 2010
If one band embodied rock and roll flamboyance, it was Van Halen. Now, for the first time, the legendary line-up of lunatic frontman David Lee Roth, guitar-shredding legend Eddie Van Halen, drumming maniac Alex Van Halen and songwriter and bassist Wolfgang Van Halen leap onto Guitar Hero: Van Halen to make the whole world "Jump".

Grab a guitar controller, drum kit or mic and bring the house down with 25 of the legendary band's greatest hits including Jump, Panama and Hot For Teacher. Plus 19 supporting act tracks from larger-than-life bands including Queens Of The Stone Age, Queen and Foo Fighters.

In Guitar Hero: Van Halen, wrestle with some of the most demanding guitar solos ever in single or online multi-player modes. Or record your own rock anthems using the Guitar Hero Music Studio.


do van halen have that many famous songs to warrant a guitar hero game? i'm not sure.

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Van Halen

* “Ain’t Talkin Bout Love”
* “And The Cradle Will Rock”
* “Atomic Punk”
* “Beautiful Girls”
* “Cathedral” (solo)
* “Dance The Night Away”
* “Eruption” (solo)
* “Everybody Wants Some”
* “Feel Your Love Tonight”
* “Hang ‘Em High”
* “Hear About It Later”
* “Hot For Teacher”
* “Ice Cream Man”
* “I’m The One”
* “Jamie’s Cryin”
* “Jump”
* “Little Guitars”
* “Loss Of Control”
* “Mean Street”
* “Panama”
* “Pretty Woman”
* “Romeo Delight”
* “Running With The Devil”
* “So This Is Love”
* “Somebody Get Me A Doctor”
* “Spanish Fly” (solo)
* “Unchained”
* “You Really Got Me”

Other Songs

* Alter Bridge – “Come To Life”
* Billy Idol – “White Wedding”
* blink-182 – “First Date”
* Deep Purple – “Space Truckin”
* Foo Fighters – “Best Of You”
* Foreigner – “Double Vision”
* Fountains of Wayne – “Stacy’s Mom”
* Jimmy Eat World – “Pain”
* Judas Priest – “Painkiller”
* Killswitch Engage – “The End Of Heartache”
* Lenny Kravitz – “Rock And Roll Is Dead”
* Queen – “I Want It All”
* Queens of the Stone Age – “Sick, Sick, Sick”
* Tenacious D – “Master Exploder”
* The Clash – “Safe European Home”
* The Offspring – “Pretty Fly For A White Guy”
* Third Eye Blind – “Semi-Charmed Life”
* Weezer – “Dope Nose”
* Yellowcard – “The Takedown”

brill price

van halen are great:thumbsup:
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