Guitar Hero World Tour With Guitar for PS3, 360 & Wii - £49.99 @ Argos

Guitar Hero World Tour With Guitar for PS3, 360 & Wii - £49.99 @ Argos

Found 19th Nov 2008
Guitar Hero World Tour With Guitar (which i presume will be the new wireless one) for PS3, 360 & Wii only £49.99, Amazing really as cheapest i've seen it on PS3 is £69.99. Even more amazing is that the game on it's own is the same price! I have reserved it and i'm sure they'll honour it instore.
This is my first post so please forgive any mistakes!
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I had problems on the past deal - but peeps are reporting that this IS honoured.

Nice one OP :thumbsup:

Great find, going to pick up at lunch, hope they honour it
well i've reserved it, and the missus has got to go to town today anyway - worst they can say is no :-)
I've reserved it so we'll see what happens...
Reserved mine :-)
Tried it. Wouldnt honor. Got £8 out of them for petrol and parking though :}
Says £69.99 with guitar, the £49.99 is software only.
Here the cat# for those interested:

566/8667 - Xbox360
566/8313 - PS3
566/8306 - Wii

All versions £49.99 and with guitar for one week only.
If its honoured it is very hot indeed - no high street has broken £70 on this yet (as far as I know)
I can confirm the new catalogue numbers that come with the guitar are:

Xbox 360: 566/8667
PS3: 566/8313
Wii: 566/8306

**I have checked the stock myself yesteday and it comes with the guitar, this isnt the same cat numbers as the wrongly listed bundle 2 weeks ago**
well..reserved..have the print out..let batlle commence at quick pay!
Just reserved mine .........on my way now to collect...........will let you know how i got on :-D
SOMEONE IN ARGOS I.T DEPARTMENT IS NOT DOING THERE many blips is it this week......

power to the consumer...
I've got one reserved for collection when I get chance - looking forward to seeing if anyone actually has any success with this.....
Reserved - picking up at lunch !
Just picked mine up £49.99 confirmed!!:-D
Waterlooville has 5+ in stock at 9:35am

Just picked mine up £49.99 confirmed!!:-D

Just bought the full bundle the other day from HMV, feel cheated now

Just picked mine up £49.99 confirmed!!:-D

Did you go to a staff member or use quickpay?

If you went to staff did you have any problems? Did you bring a printed copy of item?

Just picked mine up £49.99 confirmed!!:-D

what store was that?
available at Cardiff and Swansea at the moment reserved one and so has my mate.
Just got mine from the Holborn branch. :thumbsup:

Got the 360 version for £49.99. Had about 5 of each version there all on display

cheers op, rep given
do you know if I can get the drum kit and mic separately ?
I pre-ordered mine from Game so I could have the free bass guitar. With that the drums, the lead guitar and the mic everyone in the family has an instrument to play. We're like the Osmond’s of the 21st century :-D:-D

Awesome game too, instruments are a step up from Rockband and from what I've seen the ones in Rockband 2. Some great tunes in there too. Who'd have thought my eight year old would like Wings - Band on the run!! :-D:-D



Just bought the full bundle the other day from HMV, feel cheated now

Take it back for a refund :thumbsup:
Well I have reservered so fingerscrossed, voted Hot:)
I have phoned my local store they have confirmed that the guitar is included in the £49.99 pack, i have reserved this and just heading to pick it up, let you know the outcome.
Got one!

Used Quick Pay, got a little nervous when the receipt just says XBOX 360 - GUITAR HERO, but lo and behold they brought out the guitar pack
Excellent price, been keeping an eye out for a bargain on this. Just reserved me the Wii version. Should be a fun present for Christmas day :santa:
Ripoff, I paid less then this for the full pack
Is this a real bargain? is there drums available for this game or am I confusing it the Rock Star? Which format would people suggest?
Sorry for the dumb questions

I have 2 questions, can someone answer these?

1. Can you use Singstar PS3 mics with this?
2. Can you buy the drums seperately at some point?

anyone know if ps3 singstar mics work with this?
I reserved and got a disappointment when given the software so didn't pay. Very misleading from Argos' website

hianyone know if ps3 singstar mics work with this?cheers

Was confirmed a while ago that the Singstar mics will work with this :thumbsup:…php
Sh*t hot price!! Thought of getting this for my little boy, but didn't want to pay £70+ for it. £50 is much better! Thanks. Rep left.
You need the drums it is well fun
Reserved mine. Nice one!
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