Guitar Shaped Ice Cube Tray - £1 @ Poundland

Guitar Shaped Ice Cube Tray - £1 @ Poundland

Found 29th Mar 2011
Spotted in Poundland in Glasgow today guitar shaped icecube moulds. Have seen almost identical product in Urban Outfitters for about ten pounds before.

The neck of the guitar is a stick and the icecube forms around in (guitar shaped of course) then you pop the whole thing into your drink so its like a stirrer plastic guitar neck with guitar shaped icecube on the bottom.

Great novelty gift for a pound I picked up 5! Hope it helps someone. X
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Which Glasgow Poundland?
This is the exact same product here - £5.99 on amazon via marketplace seller.…8-3

Hopefully gives you a better idea what I mean!

Which Glasgow Poundland?

It was the one on Union Street. X
Solihull had some a couple of weeks ago too.
Had these a while back near me, a great present idea for that 'rock and roll' type. Have seen these for over £10 before, so really good deal!
i bought one of these from my local Poundland a few weeks ago....not easy to get perfect shapes out of it but guess not a lot to lose at only a pound if ya still wanna try!
This was the first time I had seen them in any of the Glasgow stores so thought I would share incase anyone else wants one they can keep a lookout in their local store!
They should have them in all stores.
I got these at christmas for family and they worked out great so got some for ourself!
Do these taste different than ordinary icecubes ?
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