Guitar/Amp/Strap/Bag/Lead/Plectrum/Pitch-pipe £45.26 del.
Guitar/Amp/Strap/Bag/Lead/Plectrum/Pitch-pipe  £45.26 del.

Guitar/Amp/Strap/Bag/Lead/Plectrum/Pitch-pipe £45.26 del.

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This seems to be one of the cheapest deals if you're looking for a CHEAP guitar and everything you need to play it. It won't be the best guitar in the world, but for just over £45 delivered it's a cheap way of learning without wasting a load of cash in the process if you lose interest! The next cheapest on Ebuyer is £59.99 for a similar package, but again it's a cheap make.

Have you always wanted to play the guitar but never got round to it?

Well now is the perfect opportunity to get on your way. This is the ultimate complete electric guitar package that will take you from playing air guitar to the real thing in minutes.

Contents -

· Wooden Electric Guitar

· Amplifier

· Bag

· Belt

· Tuner

· Plectrum

· Whistle


I'm thinking of doing a canned response to this post - someone appears to find the ebuyer guitar packages about once ever 4-6 months.

My synopsis on it: It's actually a good enough guitar. A guitar teacher ran up and down it a bit and said it was perfectly good at the basics. Highly recommended, I'm finally showing SOME improvement in my guitar playing, but not finding the need to buy a replacement.

Original Poster

Funny, I didn't see this one when I looked at the guitars on eBuyer a couple of months ago so it must come and go. I ended up buying the cheap KCC sunburst acoustic back then and it's a decent wee acoustic guitar with a good action, decent tone, etc.

Glad to hear this one is OK, hopefully it will do for someone who wants to try learning. Nothing worse than learning on a guitar that's difficult to play as it'll just end up putting you off! Good luck with your playing!

Probably worth spending another £11.20 for free shipping.

What's the difference between this one and the £59.99 ones? I prefer the look of this one, and the price :thumbsup: but I want to check the quality compared to the kcc first.

HONESTLY...these guitars are FANTASTIC value for money. I've played for around 20 years and, for the money, and what you get, these are simply incredible. The guitar is well finished and perfectly playable and reasonably setup. The amp is plenty loud for a beginner and makes all the right noises to bring a grin to any sulking youths face! Christmas is on it's way and for a garaunteed WAY COOL pressie go for it!

Wait a minute, I've just checked and these are different to the KCC one I am referring to. See no reason to think they should be any different. I'm TOTALLY confused as to why the package includes a whistle??????????????? Is that in case you aren't annoying your parents enough with the guitar, or, for the parents to signal to aforesaid sulking youth that dinner is ready?

Any Suggestions?

As far as i can tell the whistle is probably referring to the little tuner thingy.

I'll probably be ordering the sunburst one then tomorrow unless anyone suddenly decides that the non-kccs aren't that good.

Original Poster

Yeah, the 'whistle' as I said in the title is a pitch pipe to help you tune the guitar. Hope it's a decent guitar when it comes, if not then do a Jimi at Monterey and get the lighter fluid out!

It looks like the one Eric Clapton plays, and he's no fool :thumbsup:

Looks good value but I'm left handed :-(

does anyone know if these are full size? (i'm 6,4 and brought one of ebay ages ago and it felt tiny lol, probly 2/3 i guess).
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