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Yamaha THRC212 guitar speaker cabinet 2 x 12" Eminence speakers, 300 watts £101.95 at GUITARGUITAR
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Posted 23rd SepPosted 23rd Sep
Specially designed to be the perfect companion to THR100H Dual, the THRC212 features mismatched Eminence Legend 1218 and The Tonker 12” drivers to provide the perfect balance of cl… Read more

Says you can still back order them?




Yeah, within about 10 minutes of me posting on here it was sold out! Great price, agreed. I just sold my secondhand one a few weeks ago for £ at this price it's a steal


Think someone bought them all for eBay (annoyed) . Over 10 in stock, by the time I logged in, all gone!! Hot deal btw. Well while it lasted

Fender Player Duo Sonic HS Ice Blue Metallic PF £399 @ Guitar Guitar
Posted 14th SepPosted 14th Sep
Other colours available at GuitarGuitar The Fender Offset Duo Sonic offers a fresh take on a classic guitar. With a tasteful vintage aesthetic and a col… Read more
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Of course a beginner wouldn't worry about their pickup configuration, that's why I'm saying just go with H/S and maybe later down the line you will realize what difference a humbucker makes, while if you don't have that option you will be perhaps left wondering. There are far more important things for a beginner to worry about... mainly to learn how to play.


Yes fair enough I see what you mean. But I think it's confusing for a beginner to look at this thread, think "wow I like the look for that seafoam green guitar" and then be put off by your comment because you can't get it in HS configuration. I just don't see it holding back a beginner. You mentioned Malmsteen and there are plenty of others that work heavy tones on single coils - Tom Morello or Gary Moore or Jimmy Page for example. If beginners don't have an ear for the difference between H/S, then why should they worry about it? I don't suppose we'll agree, I just think it's quite a sweeping statement to make. My main guitar is a SS Tele that I've never found to be limiting and I like to play quite a variety of genres, both at home/live.


Why do they still use Pau Ferro? I thought all that CITIES nonsense was sorted?


It's exactly because we are talking about beginner recommendations that I think HS is far superior to SS. If it was a weathered player they know what they need. I doubt YouTube videos will really help much, beginners don't really have an ear for such things. It's not so much about chords, it's more about playing clean. Unless it's jazz where they really want those very thick sounding bassy tones, clean usually sounds better with single coils. But clean sounds better on the neck pickup, and you get a single coil on the neck regardless. The bridge on the other hand can give a nice boost if it's a humbucker and allow to play with high distortion as well without hum. Of course it's down to preference in the end, Malmsteen plays with high gain and always used single coils, but for a beginner I would always recommend an HSS configuration (or HS in this case), it gives them more options to play with.


Get the maple board . Pau Ferro is horrible compared to rosewood.

Squier Affinity Starcaster Hollow Body Guitar In Black, Olympic White or Sunburst - £199 + Free Next Day Delivery @ GuitarGuitar
Posted 14th SepPosted 14th Sep
Pretty good right now for a budget end Hollow-body guitar. Sadly the Candy Apple Red isn't included at this price, but still... May not be for everyone as they are a little "unique… Read more

lovely guitar in cream kinda 60s hippy look going down there


Waiting for a deal on the active contemporary starcasters. These are good, heat.


I'm not even sure about that (lol)


Excellent deal, great guitars for that price. Thanks for sharing.


Great deal at that price!

Epiphone FT-100CE Acoustic Guitar With Cut Away & 	Piezo under-saddle pickup - £101.95 Delivered @ GuitarGuitar
Posted 11th SepPosted 11th Sep
Another great price on a beginners Epiphone acoustic guitar. This one offers better access to frets higher up on the fretboard. If you're comparing this to the one I posted without… Read more

Facebook marketplace. It was up for £100 but he took £75 (y) like I said you have to be lucky


Where from? Haven’t seen much evidence of beginners guitars being jettisoned yet. On the lookout for a cheap parlour/travel guitar.


I got a Fender CD-60S last weekend for £75 with a hard case. If your lucky you can get a better guitar and/or deal second hand. Especially now as the people who took it up during lockdown are off loading


Great deal.


Nice. (y) Heat. Drink!!

Epiphone FT-100 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar - £71.95 Delivered @ GuitarGuitar
Posted 11th SepPosted 11th Sep
Stunning offer for beginners her, considering this is brand new. Looks like there's plenty of stock, although could go rather quickly, being such a good price point. top, back and … Read more

Quick review of this . Took a punt, never really had a dirt cheap new acoustic guitar before tended to get a decent 2nd hand option, but whether Covid (aargh) or other circumstances couldn't really see much around so opted for this as wanted something to leave in an alt tuning around the house. It arrived quickly despite the fact I went for the cheapest delivery option. Ordered Saturday supposed to arrive Friday turned up today. Impressed for the money. Holds tune well, neck's fine, frets are fine, intonation is good, and even the action is pretty decent. Fingerboard is dry as a bone but I'm not surprised at that as I assume it's boxed factory to warehouse to me so I'd recommend you have the lemon oil ready boys and girls. The only main criticism/observation is the wood on the bridge/saddle area seems really flimsy and certainly on mine the factory strings have cut into that already. I've had different guitars for a number years and that is something you may see over a much longer period of time but not something I'd expect on a new guitar. Not a deal breaker and this is very good value for money. Absolutely great deal for the beginner or the jaded old hack who just wants a cheapy to not worry about and tinker around at home with. Impressed with GuitarGuitar's service and with Epiphone who've done a good job with the actual guitar.


crazy, i ordered this at 3pm yesterday and it just arrived! i chose the Monday delivery option as well, so impressed


Great price for a decent guitar


Ok experts this or the tangle wood crossroads ?


Taxed :p

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Gibson Les Paul Junior Tribute DC Blue Stain - £499 @ GuitarGuitar
Posted 2nd SepPosted 2nd Sep
At A Glance: Although the outline will be familiar to Les Paul Junior aficionados, this model is an entirely new take on this classic model. Having been given its own identity, th… Read more

Bought one at this price a few weeks ago, superb value for a USA-built model. Was hesitant to go for it due to the single pick up (spent weeks looking at it online!), so I went into the store and was amazed. It's incredibly light, easy to play and surprisingly versatile tone-wise, well worth the punt!


I bought this guitar! Fantastic bit of kit and very fun. Sustain is amazing, single pickup is gritty with lots of grunt and punch. £499 for a new Gibson is phenomenal. It will put a smile on your face!


Yeah I like the idea of a single pickup guitar, but haven’t put my money where my mouth is cause all my guitars have at least 2 pickups (y)


It actually sounds pretty nice - less woody and fat than a Les Paul SC, but am put off by the single pickup.


It seemed like a good deal for a USA made guitar, but I personally cannot stand the pick guard design, I understand it was a cost cutting measure but I wish they would have used the one from the old Sonex. I realise that it’s a bit like marmite though and others like this design, so figured I’d post (y)

Randall T2HL 100W Head - £249 Delivered @ GuitarGuitar
Posted 31st AugPosted 31st Aug
This model is long discontinued but might be something for the metal heads to hop on at this price. It's got tube clean, tube overdrive and tube Boost modes as well as various EQ c… Read more

Hey, pretty unpredictable most of the time. We saw some more drops earlier in the year around the NAMM show. I'd suspect the usual Black Friday sales, but so far... I've spotted nothing to give us clues as to what will be on offer. I'll have my ear to the ground and eyes everywhere, as per though :)


Thanks Ken for the deal! Do you know if we can expect any good sales in the near future? All the best!


You're welcome! It can be a bit of a trek through all of the sites, but it's worth hunting them out. There doesn't seem much out there in terms of reliable price trackers on instruments and some don't even show up at all. So at least with all the different models that I (and others) have posted... We've built up some good reference points that might prove useful to someone. I'm yet to buy another guitar, just waiting for the right Ibanez to show up :D


Good deal for a 100Watt head. Just wanted to post to say thanks for putting up all these guitar deals, Ken. I really do enjoy looking through them. I have not caved yet, but the Yamaha guitar you posted the other day did have me tempted!

BOSS ME-80 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal £191.95 Delivered @ GuitarGuitar
142° Expired
Posted 31st AugPosted 31st Aug
Worth a shout on this one, as I think this is now the cheapest it's ever been. If you've been after something like this with a built in expression pedal, then here you go. Elsewher… Read more

Is this good for Vintage sounds? I had the Vox Tonelab SE which was fabulous (except the wah) for old school tones which I really appreciated. I found multi-fx to be very processsed sounding in the past, and I want an analog old school soulful tone only. I wonder if the technology (and the will) has caught up yet.


My first multi FX pedal was the Boss ME-50, such an awesome unit for the time. It really does have everything at a quite decent quality level for the price. This is probably even better, and cheaper than I bought my ME-50 for ages ago not even accounting for inflation. Should give good inspiration to some fledgling musicians.

Randall KH103 Kirk Hammett Signature Head £1,199 at GUITARGUITAR
Posted 31st AugPosted 31st Aug
Get the tone and power of Metallica’s Kirk Hammett. The KH103 is the same model used by Metallica’s Kirk Hammett, both on the road and in the studio. It features 120W and three ind… Read more

Comes complete with 4 wah pedals.


No, but it does have a Teasmade and of course it gives good head.


Does it have built in wah?


Good Lord, this looks as if it should go to 13!



Alvarez Artist Series AF60SHB Folk Shadowburst Acoustic Guitar - Solid A+ Sitka Spruce Top - £249 With Free Next Day Delivery
Posted 26th AugPosted 26th Aug
A nice price for a solid top Alverez model. We're seeing a few of them dropping now, possibly due a new range on the way? Not entirely sure, to be honest. This one has a solid sitk… Read more

Yeah me too, playing high notes on non cutaway guitars is a pain in the arse. Not the best thing to need to alter your technique to play higher notes.


If I remember rightly the cutaway version of this hits about £319 at the lowest. I think if that hit £279 it would be a goer for sure. I'm the same with the cut outs... I prefer the way they look, although I do hit the high end from time to time, so always go for them.


If only it had a cutaway. Then again I almost never play that high up on acoustics, I just prefer how cutaways look. Hahaha.


I have an Alvarez MP70 acoustic & I love it! Very well made guitars and they sound great. Heat from me.


Nice (y) ! Looks solid.

Ibanez SR875 Electric Bass Guitar In Blue Reef Gradiation - Bartolini BH2 Pickups / Med Frets - £549 Free Next Day Delivery @ GuitarGuitar
190° Expired
Posted 25th AugPosted 25th Aug
Love the colour on this! It's a 5 string so won't be for everyone at all, although worth a shout again after it went out of stock a couple of month ago, then on back order. Now in … Read more

Nah, a 5 string is definitely something a more experienced player should pick up. If you want to learn the guitar, just do it. It's one of the best things I have done. My other half is into similar music to myself, so she's always mentioning things for me to learn or make tweaks to my own music. It's good to have that push, even if it's small.


Is a 5 string ideal for a beginner anyway? ? As pretty as this one most definitely is!! Bought my son a 'pretty', standard elec guitar 🎸 that hasn't been touched in 3 + years I sooo wish I had the patience to overcome my lack of talent as I used to love listening and watching him play, I'd love to just be playing it one day when he walked in and just say , well you weren't using it...... Nice deal if a little niche (y)


You're welcome :)


Thank you for the comprehensive response, I appreciate it


Just in case... this one is a bass guitar and not a standard electric guitar. You're never to old to learn any instrument, but I found the older I got, the less time I had to practice. You're only limit would be time and yourself. The whole learning thing is like a ratchet. You push, it clicks, you push more, it clicks more and never winds back. If you're going to start, but don't know if it's for you, then start cheap and maybe a pre-owned model. Something like a Squire or Yamaha Pacifica entry level guitar are perfect. On the used market you'll find them well priced. Don't expect too much at first and keep at it. Your hands aren't going to know what's hit them. You'll be screaming internally (or externally, I guess) It's frustrating when you can't quite hold all of those strings on the right frets... It does come though! Personally I found that shorter sessions to start with, were more beneficial than mammoth sessions. Try not to get annoyed with it and pop it down while you're still happy with how it's going. That way you'll be pleased to go back to it. Youtube is full of helpful free lessons. Learn how to read tabs. It's not like reading music, which takes a lot of work. It's a way of reading where your fingers need to be. A nice simple format that shouldn't take long to get your head around at all. You'll be well on your way after a few months if you keep at it. Well this comment is longer than I thought it might be. Short version: Do it

ESP LTD TM-600 Electric Guitar in Black Satin - Travis Miguel Signature - Floyd Rose Trem and Grover Tuners- £699 Delivered @ GuitarGuitar
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Posted 24th AugPosted 24th Aug
A fair price here for the specifications. Personally not a fan of Atreyu as I've not really heard much by them, to be honest. But on this model, I don't ever recall a lower price o… Read more

The ex demo is £200 more! So this seems like a great price. I'm left handed though :(

ESP LTD SC-608B Stephen Carpenter - 8 String Baritone Scale Electric Guitar - £899 Delivered @ GuitarGuitar
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Posted 21st AugPosted 21st Aug
Okay, okay... I can see you all like "What is this?!" "Why?" "How big are your hands?" :D Very niche on this, but that the same time it's a corking price and if that helps someone… Read more

One of the most underrated guitarists in metal; the last four bars of 'Diamond Eyes' are still amongst the heaviest ever recorded. Great price but too many strings for my simple brain. 😁


Damn, I bought the LTD JR-208 but this is wayyy better.


Me: 8 strings?..........Waaaaahhhh! Mr Belew : Come to Papa!


First I've heard of an 8 string! I do have large hands, but I'll stick with 6 strings thanks.

ESP LTD VIPER 7 String Baritone Electric Guitar / Seymour Duncan Black Winter Pickup / Locking Tuners - £499 Delivered @ GuitarGuitar
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Posted 19th AugPosted 19th Aug
A bit of an acquired taste for the most part here, especially as it's a 7 String Baritone model. It's an all black model with a set of locking tuners and a single Seymour Duncan Bl… Read more

Probably one of not many businesses that coronavirus helped a lot with sales I imagine.


Images and Words is my favourite too, and Learning to Live might be my favourite track, somewhat underrated from that album (y)


Not a guitar for me personally but loving the guitar deals lately Ken.


Love that Album, saw it live and they played it alongside a full play through of Images and words (My favourite album) <3



ESP LTD Alexi-600 Greeny Electric Guitar With Floyd Rose 1000 Trem & Grover Tuners - £799 Delivered @ GuitarGuitar
Posted 14th AugPosted 14th Aug
Children of Bodom fans may be up for this one! It's 100% not my personal style, but I figured at such a huge discount that there could be some interest out there. Specs are good an… Read more

Yeah, they either slide off your knee or you end up with the neck straight up in the air like a cello.


Horrendous looking guitar! But I want one just to be rock'n'roll. Maybe when I'be put in another 5000 hours


Couple of ex demos for 699 too. I already have enough guitars I don’t play but this is a good deal.


That's why one guitar is not enough 🤘


And Floyds. Hate needing to have a toolkit to change strings and a degree in physics if you want to change tunings whilst keeping your guitar playable.

Faith Mars Drop Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar - Model FRSBG / All Solid Construction / Grover Tuners £599 Delivered @ GuitarGuitar
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Posted 13th AugPosted 13th Aug
Absolutely beautiful guitars! All Faith guitars are all solid wood, so usually when there's an offer they are really worth a look. This one has a solid red cedar top and solid maho… Read more



That's the one I have! Had it a few months and it's beautiful. Picked it up for just under £300 preowned and it's like new with a case <3


Just bought a second hand faith Neptune trembesi for my son. Brilliant guitar. We are delighted with it. Great quality, stays in tune, intonation is spot on. Highly recommend this brand, they seem to be at the perfect point in the price/quality curve. Of course you can spend a lot more on an acoustic guitar but you won't necessarily get the same jump in quality for your money.


Excellent guitar and a great price.


Great deal, if you are looking to drop this amount on a guitar also consider the Seagull S6 which punches well above its weight

PRS SE T55E Tonare Abaco Green - Acoustic Guitar £549 @ Guitar Guitar
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Posted 11th AugPosted 11th Aug
I bought an A50E and loved it, this looks exceptional for the value! Very worth it if you're in the market for a new guitar! Remember that other companies such as Andertons and PMT… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

If I didnt already own a Taylor 110 then I'd be all over this!


That is a very good price.


Really cant afford it right now but thats one hell of a deal, taking a lot of will power not to buy it.



Faith Nexus Neptune Acoustic Guitar - Solid Mahogany / Fishman Electronics + Gigbag - £399 With Free Next Day Delivery @ GuitarGuitar
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Posted 5th AugPosted 5th Aug
I'm a big fan of Faith guitars and indeed own one myself. They produce all solid construction instruments, with this one being made from mahogany on the top, back and sides. The nu… Read more

Finally got to the store & had a play. Then made the fatal mistake of picking up a Gibson J-50!


I grabbed one. I'm astonished with how nice it is for the money. Stands up against a mate's Taylor that was nearly five times as much!


Didn't get the call from the Camden store yesterday to say it's arrived. Will have to wait till I get back on Tuesday now :(


Delivered today. Good job I didn't pay the extra £9:99 for weekend delivery. An absolutely beautiful sounding instrument. So nice to play, straight out of the box, slight tune and it was good to go.


2 left XD