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Guitar - PRS SE Standard 24 Multi-Foil 2018 £499 @ guitarguitar
Found 20th Dec 2018Found 20th Dec 2018
Not sure what is going on with this guitar!! Still.. seems a good price for PRS SE. Free next day delivery.

Weird.. the mods must have added that. It was always £499. Maybe saw the free delivery bit and tried to be helpful.


Expired / it is not free, says £499


Without a doubt!


But you have to admit.. you would definitely stand out haha!


I've 2 PRS guitars and they're excellent and beautiful but this has been hit with the ugly stick big time. I honestly wouldn't want that thing in my possession.

PRS SE Custom 24 Fire Red Burst LH (Left Handed) @ guitarguitar
Found 22nd Nov 2018Found 22nd Nov 2018
A bit niche maybe but a lot of guitar for this money. Normally around 799 (Andertons, Rich Tone etc). Left Handed. Specification BODY Top Wood Maple with Maple Veneer Back Wood M… Read more

I think they’re outstanding, genuinely. Honestly don’t believe there’s a better value guitar on the market for competent players


I had an artist pack custom 24 and sold it and bought two different SE’s as they’re that good


Agree. PRS really nailed it with the SE range IMO.


Best guitars on the market for value for money

Fender Standard Strat Black MN £429 @ Guitar Guitar
Found 17th Nov 2018Found 17th Nov 2018
Fender Standard Strat Black MN only 2 left at guitarguitar quite a good deal tbf

American standard doesn't exist anymore, it's now called American Pro.


Beautiful. Simply, simply lovely.


Probably the same set-up as per the Epiphone Les Paul that is made in China, under licence. You only notice a difference in sound if you have the two next to each other. For a relative newbie like me, it’s hard to justify the extra £1k for the American Gibson! Having said that, it is only the price of a mobile phone so what the hell!


MN means Maple neck. This is a real fender strat but it's made in Mexico. Nothing wrong with it at all but you can buy American ones on the used market for this kind of money.


:) I thought so it normally says American Standard on the expensive ones. I have a Meixan Strat love it!

Fender T-Bucket 450-E Flame Maple, Natural £149.00 (+£2.95 delivery) @ Guitarguitar
Found 2nd Jul 2018Found 2nd Jul 2018
Fender T-Bucket 450-E Flame Maple, Natural £149.00 (+£2.95 delivery) @ Guitarguitar
£151.95£26342%GUITARGUITAR Deals
First deal I have posted, so hopefully I have done everything correctly. Personally I don't know much about this guitar, but seems a good deal with the cheapest elsewhere I can f… Read more
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Whatever guitar you buy, if you are a beginner, it is worth taking it to a local guitar shop ,if you can stil find one :-( , and ask if they can give it a quick set-up, and a new set of strings. May cost you £20-25+, but they should be able to spot and fix any obvious issues and save you alot of pain.


Does it matter if it's made in Indonesia?


Ordered on Wednesday night, arrived this morning. Beautiful budget acoustic! Thanks :D


great deal! I got myself one. Can't go wrong with a fender acoustic.


It's one of these: I tried a few apps but it didn't work too well, so I bought something like this: Got all the strings perfectly in the middle for each setting and still sounded nothing like any of the tutorial videos i watched on youtube, like not even close ;( was very dissappointing as I couldn't really learn with it like that

Fender Sonoran SCE Black Acoustic Guitar £151.95 Delivered @
Found 9th Jun 2018Found 9th Jun 2018
Fender Sonoran SCE Black Acoustic Guitar £151.95 Delivered @
£151.95£24939%GUITARGUITAR Deals
Another amazing deal from Guitar Guitar.
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When was Indonesia in Chinatown?


Fack it! I have ordered one for my birthday present to myself!


How much did the pickup cost?


Can never enough guitars!


Just ordered, its a great price also, hopefully it will sound good? :)

Fender T-Bucket 350-E Electro Acoustic Guitar £131.95 delivered @
Found 26th May 2018Found 26th May 2018
Fender T-Bucket 350-E Electro Acoustic Guitar £131.95 delivered @
£131.95£19934%GUITARGUITAR Deals
Just found this offer via GuitarGuitar’s email list. The newest member of the T-Bucket family, the Concert-style 350E, features the slick visual appeal, easy playability and auth… Read more
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Arrived today . Excellent and good deal . Will be used on Saturday night gig.


I received this yesterday, it is quality, and a massive step up from my Yamaha F310. A real game changer. I can keep playing this without pain for more than thirty minutes, the action is much better, it doesn’t take a great deal of effort to do an F barre chord. Basically I will be able to properly enjoy playing, rather than playing for thirty minutes and getting disheartened every month and giving up. Thanks OP


Ordered! Thanks Op.


Offer extended to Friday.


Eric Clapton uses a Martin acoustic and has a signature model with them. He only uses fender electrics

Line 6 M13 Guitar Stompbox Modeller £269 at GuitarGuitar
Found 19th Dec 2017Found 19th Dec 2017
Line 6 M13 Guitar Stompbox Modeller £269 at GuitarGuitar
Blowout deal. Decent price. Instore and online.

heat added!!!

Brian May Mini guitar - £149.00 @
Found 15th Nov 2017Found 15th Nov 2017
Brian May Mini guitar - £149.00 @
Down from £195.00 on GuitarGuitar, RRP is £245.00. I'm honestly not sure if this is useful for anyone, but this guitar is a fully functional short scale miniature Brian May by Burn… Read more
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Yep, I've been playing for 15 years and this just rocks as a travel guitar, and looks awesome to boot.


Back to £195 now


After years of teaching kids that turn up with a full size £100 argos guitar that's pretty much unplayable, I always recommend this guitar for beginners. Looks gorgeous, sounds great and good to play. Also brilliant as a travel guitar or back up for playing live


Thank you (highfive)


Yes it is, scale length is more or less the same as 3/4 guitars, ~22 inches. Seems perfect for your son if he is about to rock :)

yamaha Pacifica 012 starter pack £149.00 at guitar guitar
Found 11th May 2017Found 11th May 2017
yamaha Pacifica 012 starter pack £149.00 at guitar guitar
was looking into buying a guitar and found this deal at guitar guitar seams to be quite a good price for a yamaha starter pack as the guitar alone is selling on amazon for £158.30 … Read more

​didn't stop that Hendrix bloke ;)


Why do they never do these 'starter packs' for lefties?! I'd buy one in an instant if they did :(


No idea why this is cold. These are great guitars. The humbuckers tend to be far from the best but they are still useable. Nice action on the neck and quality components. It's a deal!


Very nice guitars, really nice to play. I got one when I first started playing many years ago. It is great for beginners, but it's still one of my favourites even now with a collection of 4 others to pick from.


It's a decent deal. The guitar is good and it's a branded amp - usually in a package the amp is a cheapy. Worth the extra over the £100 sets you get everywhere.

Marshall MG15CFXMS Microstack £199 at GuitarGuitar + Free Delivery or Click and Collect
Found 23rd Jun 2016Found 23rd Jun 2016
Marshall MG15CFXMS Microstack £199 at GuitarGuitar + Free Delivery or Click and Collect
Marshall MG15CFXMS Microstack £199 at GuitarGuitar + Free Delivery or Click and Collect This is £265 at Andertons. It gets some 5-star reviews, according to Google.However, for be… Read more
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All sold out before I could get one agh!



Gibson Les Paul traditional sale £1300 @ guitarguitar
Found 13th Jun 2016Found 13th Jun 2016
Gibson Les Paul traditional sale £1300 @ guitarguitar
A gibson les paul sale from guitar guitar

I'm still waiting to get really good at guitar before I buy one. I think i would rather go into the shop then buy online


Good price but will not buy one until they are jumbo frets that go all the way across the board . The nibs serve no purpose for the player but are easier for Gibson to make them that way .


What a wicked game you play......oO

Shure Super 55 Deluxe Vocal "Elvis" Microphone £163 + Free Delivery guitarguitar
Found 31st Mar 2016Found 31st Mar 2016
Shure Super 55 Deluxe Vocal "Elvis" Microphone £163 + Free Delivery guitarguitar
Dubbed the "Elvis microphone" Been looking at these for a while and finally decided to take the plunge. £163 is a great price, as I've seen it for £170+ elsewhere. Free next day … Read more
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PRS SE Torero Electric Guitar - £499 Delivered @ GuitarGuitar
Found 11th Mar 2016Found 11th Mar 2016
PRS SE Torero Electric Guitar - £499 Delivered @ GuitarGuitar
Was £899, now £499 Bargain! The SE Torero is a shred ready guitar with a Floyd Rose tremolo, jumbo frets, and a neck through body design with a deep cutaway for superior fret acc… Read more
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Think these are made in Korea for sure. Prs have recently moved some production to Indonesia and this has resulted in the se standard models that cost around the £400 mark. I would agree with the comments above, the prs range are very well built and many times play really good straight out of the box.


Korea, but these are some of the best, Non-USA instruments you can buy. Seriously!


​The SEs are normally made in Korea to my knowledge. Theyre made to a really high standard though


Does anyone know where these are made? Looking to replace my Strat


PRS SE guitars are pretty incredible for the price. The build quality and finish are on point and playability..... Wow. I have nine guitars my PRS is a fraction of the price of some of them. It slays the majority of them. The quality of the necks really stand out compared to other axes of similar price

Presonus Audiobox iTWO Studio Recording Package  guitarguitar £139.00 Free Delivery @ Guitar Guitar
Found 4th Feb 2016Found 4th Feb 2016
Presonus Audiobox iTWO Studio Recording Package guitarguitar £139.00 Free Delivery @ Guitar Guitar
Pretty amazing piece of kit for the price. This has dropped 30% in price in the last few months and there are a few places incl Amzamoan that are offering this price but I've linke… Read more

If you can stretch a little more, you could get this bundle that's a lot better:


Definitely! I'll prob blow a bit more on one of these bad boys


I've never met any Amazonian staff


That's a lot of gear for not much money. I would say though, if your budget goes to £300 you'll be able to get some much better gear.


PreSonus AudioBox i Series QSG, Part 5 of 6: iPad Connectivity

Gibson USA SG Tributes (50's & 70's) Various Colours - £399 Delivered @ GuitarGuitar
Found 3rd Feb 2016Found 3rd Feb 2016
Gibson USA SG Tributes (50's & 70's) Various Colours - £399 Delivered @ GuitarGuitar
Fantastic deal on these USA made Gibson SGs. These retailed at £699 so nearly half price! Features: * Solid Mahogany body available in three satin finishes * Mahogany neck with co… Read more
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Have to say, guitarguitar CS is spot on. Offered me a replacement which would be setup by their luthier, a few sets of strings and sent down to swap with the current one. I thanked them, but declined, I'll stick with the Epi. From that, I'll probably use them again.


Reading about Gibson, seems their quality has slipped. Appears it's a little hit and miss. It the fact that they charge £700 for this, yet my £300 Epiphone LP looks more like the £700 guitar. Hope you enjoy yours? I'm too ocd to live with it, even at that price.


Same here with my 50s Cherry, well happy


Just like to say ... got my 70s SG in sunburst. No obvious defects. Well happy.


Just wanted to feedback on the SG 50s in ebony I bought from this deal. It's going straight back. Quality is awful. Ding in the face of the body, looks post paint, so poor QA from Gibson. Headstock top edge had paint chips all along, again, this looks like poor QA. Where the fret board meets the neck, it's not flush at all, looks very poor. Also the P90 bridge is scarily loose, but maybe that's how it should be? All in all, if this is what Gibsons are like, I'll stick with Epiphone, my Les Paul standard looks amazing compared to this.

Real FENDER acoustic guitar, full size, £81, inc. gigbag GuitarGuitar
Found 12th Dec 2015Found 12th Dec 2015
Real FENDER acoustic guitar, full size, £81, inc. gigbag GuitarGuitar
Not "by Fender", but actual Fender, which means it will retain resale value once you realise your playing is hopeless. FREE next day delivery! Fender ESC105 Classical Guita… Read more

Plus one for this. Any budget under £200 and you cannot beat Yamaha for value for a decent instrument. I don't own one but teach guitar for a living and have many students with varying guitars but the yamahas stand out for sound, build quality, value for money and playability too. I play PRS electrics and Taylor acoustics so im not a Yamaha fanboy but appreciate a decent range of products that doesn't rip off customers


Thank you. Give me somewhere to start.


If he doesn't have a guitar at present a Yamaha Pacifica 012 would be a great starter. You can get them in beginner packages with a stand and a basic practise amp for that ballpark cost, maybe a little more


Better off with the £99 Yamaha deal posted earlier


aldi has some nice guitar for £35

Jim Dunlop Cry Baby Mini Wah £59.00 (£4.95 Shipping) @ GuitarGuitar
Found 14th Nov 2015Found 14th Nov 2015
Jim Dunlop Cry Baby Mini Wah £59.00 (£4.95 Shipping) @ GuitarGuitar
GuitarGuitar's deal of the day, so it ends midnight. This usually retails for around £90. Every pedalboard should have a wah-wah. Don’t let its small size fool you—the CBM95 Cry … Read more
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Really good deal if you are looking for a wah. Some of the deals on guitars have been almost too good to resist, if a fender p bass turns up I might have to break out the credit card.

PRS SE Bernie Marsden Ltd Ed Gold Metallic (Deal of the Day) - £349 @ GuitarGuitar
Found 13th Nov 2015Found 13th Nov 2015
PRS SE Bernie Marsden Ltd Ed Gold Metallic (Deal of the Day) - £349 @ GuitarGuitar
Wow another great deal! It's a steal at £349.00. Only for one day Available in black too.

Absolutely brilliant guitar. PRS upped their game with the SE's since 2013. Very good finishes and really good.


that's cheap


Is it for ps4 or xbox?


​I wanted to buy that Gibson the other day.too deal


The GG deals have been great and only yesterday saw someone on another forum who bought the Gibson from the other day.

Gibson Les Paul 50s Tribute Wine Red @ guitarguitar £399
Found 11th Nov 2015Found 11th Nov 2015
Gibson Les Paul 50s Tribute Wine Red @ guitarguitar £399
Great price for a genuine USA Gibson. Main Features: • Mahogany body with solid carved maple top • Mahogany neck with comfortable, rounded '50s profile • Rosewood fingerboard wit… Read more

and you work in this industry and you don't think these are ****? and how exactly am I talking crap?


they have to worse quality control and if your lucky you get something which is playable. my advice spend that cash on a far eastern built guitar and you will get a better instrument.


I own a guitar store, have been playing for 25 years and repair and restore guitars. enough to have an opinion in your book?


As do I and you're talking crap pal.


cort make guitars for many of the big names in the business (ibanez, for example, don't even have a factory of their own - i read somewhere that they make around 30% of the new guitars for sale worldwide in their factories, and barely any of them carry the cort brand), so i think they're just genuinely well made guitars. i'll certainly never trade mine in for anything else i've played since i bought my z44 - she's a keeper. and yeah, i have a couple of professional guitarist friends, and they loved it (albeit they're death-metal shredder types, so my tobacco burst singlecut just wouldn't work on stage, apparently).