Gum - Wrigleys 5 Cobalt 12 Pieces 25p @ Morrisons

Gum - Wrigleys 5 Cobalt 12 Pieces 25p @ Morrisons

Found 11th Apr 2011Made hot 12th Apr 2011
5 is a groundbreaking sugar-free stick gum product. The mouth-freshening gum delivers long-lasting flavor and a unique experience. The sleek 5 envelope created the next great packaging enhancement for stick gum. Each distinctive envelope has an eye-catching design.

Posh chewing gum retails for £1 and I grabbed 7 pks of these at 25p reduced. Not sure if everywhere but this was in a Bolton branch


Anyone found this offer on elsewhere.

I would like to get some 'cheap, posh chews'



Hilarious marketing guff from Wrigleys there. Groundbreaking my ar*e.

Betcha it still feels the same when you rub your fingers over a piece that some scumbag has stuck under the edge of a pub table

However, have some heat for the deal as its a hot price.

this is not HOT or a DEAL. Its chewing gum!


this is not HOT or a DEAL. Its chewing gum!

And it's a lot cheaper than usual...

Great price.. didn't see it at my local morrisons in Netherfield, Notts though...

how is this groundbreaking? does it remove itself from the pavement when you've spat it out?

my ar*se is groundbreaking.

Presumably called "5" because buying it in other countries there are 3 sections of 5 sticks in the box. . I bought some while in the US recently and when I bought some more when back home I had to check the packaging when i noticed we only get 3 sections of 4 sticks. I won't be buying it again on principle!

I'm a big gum chewer (and a responsible one people!) - just interested in exactly HOW this stuff is groundbreaking??? It's gum, right, with no willy wonka magic that I could taste.

Silly marketing and no surprise that something that looks more like it should be sprayed under your arm rather than put in your mouth should be on the cheap. Give me hardcore airwaves any time.

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I like the posh envelope but the gum is nothing special. Gimme Mentos gum anyday
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