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Gungrave G.O.R.E Day One Edition (PS5) - £19.99 + Free Click and Collect @ Currys

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New low as far as I can tell. Cheaper than ps4 as well...

Product info:
A stylish third-person bullet-hell shooter. With oversized guns. You take the role of Grave – a one-man-army gunslinger wielding the EVO-Coffin, an unending source of bullets, explosions and destruction. And forget about taking cover – this game is all about style, flashy combos and non-stop action.

Good to know
- Although it's mostly about the shooting, don‘t worry – there's hack-and-slash combat too, perfect to keep the combos flowing
- The EVO-Coffin transforms and upgrades throughout the game, so you unlock new ways of devastation all the time
- The Day One Edition includes exclusive skins – the Death Ronin Grave and O.D. Grave
Currys More details at Currys

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    The patch made this better.
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    Damn!!! I was so gutted after playing demo, as I did look forward to this..it’s so bad though ..
    Lot of updates & Patches since December with v1.04
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    L game
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    It's not worth £20, I'd struggle to recommend it at £10 as well if I'm honest. Played it on gamepass and it's terrible.
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    The level on top of the train was annoying, got to the next level then gave up.
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    Find the game to challenging? Sell on eBay after and profit
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    Played it on Game Pass and really liked it
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